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One thing that is really fun about blogging, and perhaps I may have mentioned it before, is that it blows my mind as to what elicits responses from the readers (Hey maybe there aren’t THAT many of you who read on a daily/weekly basis, but I can still call you my readers…right guys? Damn straight!) It’s like a social experiment.

Forward march, my last post obviously struck a cord near and dear in many hearts. Livin la vida Cola. I struggled with the soda thing, and my new found info, all weekend. Sure, I act tough, like I don’t care ’bout nothin’, but that’s just cause I’m a crustacean–with a soft underbelly beneath my crusty exterior. After all that fretting, can I just say how pleasantly surprised I was on Sunday to see support of the Diet Drinking habit from my good friend and Registered Dietitian Kelly Dutcher! GOD BLESS YOU KELLY.

Anyway, I held out on Friday sans D.C. til about 10 pm, and on Saturday until 11pm. Sunday was a bust. I know at the very least I should cut back, and I’ll seriously discuss it with my friends at Maverik this afternoon and my pals at 7-11 this evening.

Moving on, as some comments have “confessed” if you don’t know me and you read my blog…I LOVE YOU!!! Are you kidding? You are anything but creepy. You are welcomed and loved, and showered with kisses and hair ruffling. I write my blog in a certain tone, or at least try to, and on certain subject matters, so that if you don’t personally know me, you can still keep up and feel the love that I want all people to feel so badly. So, do, come in, take a love seat, and comment all you’d like. My only request is that you remember, on my blog, we speak with love. My boss didn’t believe me when I told him my mom is not the only one who reads my blog. PEOPLE DO! I SWEAR! My mother-in-law reads it too.

Ok shake your case of the Muunnndays with the fact that Kelsey Nixon rocked your socks off on The Next Food Network star last night, and that Princess Nipa-boring-as-wood went home! and have a fabulous day.



p.s. Can anyone confirm that Mark Wahlberg in fact has a third nipple? I just won’t believe it til there’s a poorly written unsourced online article with spotty facts, to prove it.

p.p.s Reality T.V. show references and celebrity gossip???? I almost want to kick myself, and at the same time kiss myself..


  1. Liz Canaan Roberts

    Let’s play “Who can be the first to comment on Alison’s Blog”!

    Ha! I beat you all! You silly-sillys.

  2. becca

    i hate nipa.

  3. courtni

    i don’t really read anyone else’s blog. i’m only loyal to my conrad birdie.

  4. fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR

    i was counting on you for a kelsey update! my dear husband changed our channel set up so he could watch soccer and now i’m without food network until next week. keep it coming my friend!

  5. Jen Sattley

    Alison, I love you, you’re hilarious!

  6. Jake

    He certainly has a third nipple, my dear. He talked about it in a Rolling Stone interview. Here is a link to the triple nipple news:


  7. Sharon

    I for one am a daily reader! I LOVE your blog!

  8. Michon

    so i totally wanted to comment on your last blog because it truly describes my dedication to DC i’ve tried to give it up too much…but i sink into a depression and pain that just isnt worth it…and my dad is a dr and tells me daily that drinking dc is better than any other habits that i could quite easily get addicted to…so theres atleast one dr out there that is totally ok with DC (he has one every morning around 8am and every night around 9 pm)…but heres my connection to you…i was tara’s roommate in NYC last summer. and i’m also in the creative track and your name is spoken in reverence.

  9. courtni

    good morning my cup of love, where you at? already checking. HOW is that mouse?! So old, so studious, so already living in PROVO!! Watch out for her on her street bike. LOVE IT.

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