She will ring YOUR bell, She will ring YOUR bell

Oh work.

How you do tease.

Needing me so desperately at times, and at others, holding a complete indifference to my existence. Every time I question whether you really love me, whether I’m the right girl for you, and I’m ready to walk out that door and say, “This just isn’t meant to be!” You pull me back in with some urgent matter and confirm my worth. You wrap your business casual clad arms around me and entangle me with deadlines, requests and frantically needed edits.

I can’t leave you, you won’t leave me. We exist in this parasitic relationship by choice. But who is the host and who is the parasite?

Depends on the week.

And this week it looks like this little tape worm will be sitting at her desk in need of inspiration/direction.

And so I stew silently, listening to Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell” on repeat and reliving a Travoltaesque disco wonderland of lights and lame in my mind until you beckon yet again.

Tis a torrid affair.

But I have hope, and I have faith, that all will be sorted in the end.

Until then, I just have one thing to say, should you need me, in any shape or form,I hope you all know, you can riiiiiiiiiiing my beeeeeeeeeeeelllllll, ring my bell. Ding dong ding.


  1. darcie

    you are too forgiving of martha. she was such a snob about the sloppy janes! oh but it could be editing.

  2. Alison

    But the reason Martha is a snob is because she MUST! She cannot be Martha Stewart and condone Sloppy Janes or Joes!

    Martha cannot be party to anything sloppy!

    I think deep down Martha wanted to take that sloppy Jane smash it in her face and let it her stain her pants, but that would just ruin magazine sales? No?

    P.s. I love that you watch the show! And read the blog!

  3. Liz Canaan Roberts

    This comment has nothing to do with Martha Stewart and sloppy joes

    I don’t know whether to call you a blogging fiend or machine.
    Did you know I used to date Patrick from shep salon? Ha! I gotta get out of Utah some day.

    p.s. I still think of you when I hear Day Job by The Fitness; does it make the list?

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