She Updates She Updates

In extremely unexciting news, I present the following updates for lack of creative thought due to the depression brought on by yet another departure of my new husband, who swears he really has to work and isn’t trying to get away from me:

1. Maratha Stewart was the guest on the Next Food Network Star last night and I almost had a heart attack. I stand by Martha through thick and thin. I adore her. Kelsey had a rough night, but the judges do love her and she is safe yet another week. I have scared myself, and Eric, with how emotionally involved I have become with the show. I squeal, I cry, I yell at the screen. Refer to previous Next Food Network Star post.

2. On Saturday Eric and I went to the Farmer’s Market in Salt Lake City. I brought my canvas bags, wore animal friendly apparel, and reminisced upon my vegan days when I was better than everyone else because I was not contributing to the demise of the planet. Then I had a pork salad from Cafe Rio.

3. Eric and I finished season three of Veronica Mars. After watching all the “extras” and directors comments, I lightly traced Kristen Bell’s face on the DVD covers with my finger again and again while whispering goodbye. Then I started a book. After reading the first chapter, I still missed Veronica, but it felt good to be a person that “reads” again.

4. On Friday I composed a three page brief trying to convince the four partners of Love Communications that I should be allowed to start and maintain a blog for the company. I left it on their desks and we have not discussed it. Now I feel embarrassed and awkward and want to avoid them until they tell me it was a good idea and they love me and I’m pretty.

5. The author of the blog A Girl in Her Polaroid (see previous post) has found SheBlogs SheBlogs, and she is very nice! This discovery can only mean SheBlogs SheBlogs has power and acclaim beyond comprehension. And that we should accept and love Polaroid girl and her pretty Polaroids with open arms, even if her blog is prettier than my blog.

6. I love you all and hope this week is full of ponies and unicorns.


  1. jenny

    I love you and this publication.

    I too went through a VM phase. I haven’t watched season 3 yet. But the spiral notebook filled with “logan+jenny” covered in hearts should be proof enough to you of my dedication.

  2. courtni

    the crazy thing about you is that i hear the actual sound of your voice and I see all your mannerisms as I read your posts. IT’S NUTS, because not many people can do that, have the personality with the writing skills to back it up. Again, I love you. Sounds like you and Eric have everything just all figured out and organized on the shelf. Love it. So happy for you. xoxoxxx

  3. crystal

    Why oh why did the CW not give us an ending to VM? I’m still left wondering who wins the election for sheriff and who does veronica really end up with Piz or Logan? (I know it’s Logan and in my imaginary world he still drives his yellow x-terra with the snorkel. Sorry Piz)

  4. Matt Clayton

    You’re pretty.

  5. Alison

    LOGAN for sure, Piz was never bad ass enough for her.

  6. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Where on earth is Eric traveling to all the time?! I hope you take lots of polaroids to fill up your time while he’s gone! And, I do LOVE your blog. You are one funny girl.

  7. amorology

    I think you should write blogs for the world….and I too…think you’re very very pretty.

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