She Pola She Roids

I found this blog by this girl in San Diego, and she is really really pretty and really really artsy, and cool and composed. And she likes all the things you are supposed to like to be cool and hip. And she has really sexy style. And I basically am in love with/hate her guts.

Her blog is A Girl and Her Polaroid and she posts all these really awesome Polaroid pictures. But I doubt she’s the type of girl to cause a scene and look like a freak at a concert because she is, “shaking it like a Polaroid picture.” No, I’d be THAT girl. This girl just takes really beautiful Polaroids.

I used to have a Polaroid camera, I asked for one for my like 12th birthday, and I know it’s not easy to make them look so freaking good.

As an aside, in case you didn’t see the special report on 60 Minutes (tick tick tick tick) As of 2008 Polaroid has ceased all production of the 600 series-the instant shot-cameras and film. Duh, this makes Polaroids ever cooler. When I was growing up the film cost $10 for a 10 exposure pack of film. Now that it will never be produced again it costs $15 dollars for 10 exposures and it’s going up! First gas, then Polaroids! What’s next?

Back to me looking at Pretty Polaroid Girl thinking, “She is following her bliss, she is damning the man and living her passion…” Blah blah blah.

So then I started dreaming of the days I used to be smart and philosophical and deep, and I followed my “bliss” (read morbidly depressed) and I got all jealous of this girl and her Polaroid.

That’s when a conversation between Angry Alison, AA, and Sane Alison, SA, ensued:

AA: Oh look at you Polaroid girl, you are sooo pretty and coy in front of your camera. Look how cute and skinny you are in your blue tights!

SA: Why are you so angry? The pretty Polaroid girl being beautiful and cool and hip in no way diminishes your worth as a person.

AA: Yes it does. Plus, people like her blog better than mine. It’s prettier and cooler than mine.

SA: If you tried harder you could have a pretty blog too. You do have a graphic design minor. Don’t you?

AA: Maybe. But still I’ll never be good enough!

SA: You used to have a Polaroid camera. You can take pictures too.

AA: But I don’t know where it is.

SA: You can always get on eBay and buy another one.

AA: Without telling Eric?

SA: Well…

AA: So you’re saying I should get on eBay and find a Polaroid that has the option to “Buy it now!” so I don’t have to battle in an auction and get really angry when I lose, then I should get on Amazon and buy 100 exposures of film… and do it all right this second without telling Eric!

At this point Sane Alison had been washed down into my belly with my 32 oz Diet Coke and my coworkers Raisinets and she could not reply.

And now… after two to three business days I will be the proud owner of this!

And already I feel better about myself.

Which, I know is pathetic, but at the same time, really exciting!

If Polaroid wanted to pick up sales all they’d have to do is give this girl’s blog some major PR.

Anyway, stay tuned for SheBlogs SheBlogs hostile overthrow of A Girl and Her Polaroid.

I joke, I kid.

Stay tuned for my awesome Polaroid art. Saweet.

Have a banging weekend, and don’t forget to shake it.


  1. Julie

    i dont think she is as cool as you think she is. unless you know her… then she is awesome. but i’d much rather enjoy the musings of alison. sweet purchase.

  2. Tamara Jackson

    You crack me up. You’re pretty, and skinny, and witty too.

    hehe 🙂 tam

  3. Alison

    thank you. you guys are so nice, stop it or people will think i’m fishing for love….

  4. noelle regina

    ALI … blogging about her blog only makes people go to visit and validates her prettiness.
    (guilty. as charged.)

    I wish i lived in Paris and took Polaroid pictures at the Louvre and loved blue doors.

  5. jen

    I am absolutely sure she is not that cool (or skinny), because she is me. Your poste cracked me up. Good luck with your polaroids.

  6. jenny

    She roids?

  7. Alison

    NEWSFLASH! Julie, Jen-the polaroid girl-is that AWESOME! She found the blog! Which means she is EVEN cooler!

    And Noelle, I’m happy to give her traffic because her blog promotes Sheblogs Sheblogs friendly principles.

    And Jenny, no drug affiliation was intended. You dog you.

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