She Loves Jason She Loves Mraz

Sue me. I LOOOOVED Jason Mraz.

In my defense, and so I sound like every indie kid out there, “I liked him before he got big.” There, I said it, and it felt good. (I know Jason isn’t indie, I know!)

My high school friends and I would go and watch Jason Mraz in coffee shops in Pacific Beach back in the day. We would squeal, we would sigh. He was the sexiest little thing we had ever seen. Oh and witty. So witty.

And don’t think he didn’t make eyes at me. He did. I saw him. I looked good in my low-cut olive green shirt, bleach blonde California hair and sexy librarian glasses. Damn good.

I fell in love with the humble, folksy Jason strumming his guitar accompanied by Toca on the bongos. But when the album came out, I wasn’t crazy about the poppy Jason with a full “rock” band.

But that doesn’t mean that when Jason got “big” and I had a chance to go to a concert being filmed for television, that I passed it up.

Hell no! My sister, Andrea, and I were all over that. Oh and John Garlock too. John loved Jason just as much as Andrea and I. That’s why we all got tickets to the Pepsi Smash concert in L.A. Which also featured performances by Maroon 5, STAIND, and Mya.

Andrea and I got pulled to the front and placed behind the bands. We looked like twins, so I think that helped. We could tell that we were probably getting lots of camera time, you know, being so close to the bands and all.

So fast forward about, mmmmm, 5 years, and last week I laughed to myself about that silly concert. THEN YESTERDAY!!! John Garlock sent this out of the blue.

Go to about 1:10 in the video and wait a sec.

YOU ARE WELCOME for the shoulder move.

So mock all you want, but I will never, no NEVER deny my love for Jason Mraz.


  1. becca

    total twins.

  2. AOBrien


  3. Alex

    You just made a soho girl giggle. thank you alison. you’re hilarious.

  4. The Beastmaster's Beauty

    thank you for wearing matching black tees and necklaces, and flipped out bobs.

  5. Alison

    we were so ahead of the style. i love the middle part most of all…don’t you?

  6. PerniPwr

    that might have made my morning.

  7. Julie

    oh my. that shoulder move IS amazing. i too love jason. i met him one time. he hugged me. i smelled his armpit. smelled like axe body spray. yum.

  8. jenny

    I confess. I love(d) that man too. Those moves are amazing. As is the flipped out middle parted bob

  9. Club Narwhal

    oh. em. gee. jason mraz! don’t worry, i just listened to his acoustic version of “you and i” no less than 3 days ago. also there is a pair of blonde twins that go by the name “janet & judy”–they sang poppy, educational songs like “50 states of america, 50 states in the land i love.” they were so cool. other cool blonde twins (even though you are not a twin): sweet valley’s own jessica and elizabeth wakefield.

  10. Eddie and Breanne King

    I went to see jason once with andrea. and I think john garlock was there too.

  11. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Holy cow, I couldn’t tell which one was you until you did that sexy shoulder move!!

  12. Christopher

    Love me some Jason…good times

  13. bardhi h.

    that part of you and andrea singing the lyrics to that song and dancing made me really uncomfortable.

  14. Kelly

    Steph and I lied to our parents and went to L.A. on a school night to see him. We were most likely wearing those sexy ” I heart Mraz” shirts with matching purses we made. My favorite member of his band was Greg Gearson who played a mean flute solo. Miss you love.

    – Kelly (dutcher in case you couldn’t figure it out!)

  15. Jake

    Why was John Garlock recently watching Jason Mraz videos on youtube? That doesn’t make sense.

  16. Alison

    bardhi, that part was the whole point of posting the video.

    i think that comment safely falls under the same category as “I hate hoobastank.”


    And Jake, JOHN GARLOCK WAS AT THE CONCERT. Duh, of course he was youtubing mraz videos, and bless his soul he did

  17. Whitney

    I could watch that over an over…I keep laughing out loud just thinking about it. You two were in L-U-V with Jason Mraz and it was all captured on film for our entertainment. True holla!

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