She Dooces She Dooces

In continuation of “Look what I found on the Internet!” I’d like to talk to you about Dooce.

Do you know who Dooce is?

She is like, the MOST popular blogger in the world. I’m not kidding. She has the world’s most popular blog. She got fired from her design job 7 years ago for blogging sassy things about her boss. I think she was one of the first people to get fired for a blog, and it was a HUGE deal, and it brought her a lot of fame.

(When you get fired for blogging it is actually called getting DOOCED. Try it in a sentence like, “Her bosses discovered how much Alison divulged on her blog, and she was quickly DOOCED.”)

And do you know where she lives? Salt Lake City. And do you know what she blogs about, NOTHING. Well nothing in the Seinfield sense. And do you know where she went to school? BYU. And do you know what color her hair is? BLONDE.

Doesn’t DOOCE sound like someone you know…

Blogs about her life…
Bitter blonde BYU grad…
Has lost her mind a couple of times…

And yet. Doocey Woosey supports her and her husband and he daughter with her blog.

Dooce’s real name is Heather B. Armstrong. Kirk (my oldest brother) told me about her blog a while ago and told me I should try to make money from my blog like her. It’s been like 3 years since he said that, and now she has like a book, and has been on the news. Everybody LOOOOVES DOOCE.

Am I jealous? No, no why would I be jealous? She just makes a living being her, which is what I’ve been trying to do since I was 12. People pay her to just exist and write about things in exactly the same way she would talk about them! No she does work very hard seriously. I can’t imagine the type of pressure you’d be under to post almost daily with like millions of readers! PANIC ATTACKS GALORE.

It’s weird. I’m strangely drawn to, almost daily. I tell myself I go there to figure out what it is about her site that so many people love. But while I’m there, I get sucked in. She is a really talented writer, and she is laugh out loud funny. I guess that’s all you need. But there is something more.

Anyway. Go DOOCE yourself today. Check her out. I think it’s really cool Heather Armstrong has done so much with her blog/website so PROPS TO DOOCE, even though I’m like totally jealous. And we all know that’s like so unattractive. Good thing I’m wearing my REALLY cute new headband today.


  1. Kristin

    Hooray! I love Dooce! I think we should go to her Salt Lake book signing in June and the moment she lays eyes on us she’ll know we’re kindred spirits and she’ll invite us over for drinks and tell us things she doesn’t tell the Internet and we’ll all laugh at those crazy dogs and tell BYU jokes. Eh?

  2. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Yikes, she’s REALLY bitter. I think I like sheblogs sheblogs better.

  3. crystal

    Alison, if it makes you feel slightly better, I was reading her blog a couple months ago and I kept saying to myself “her writing style reminds me a lot of Alison”. However, I totally agree with Matt and Jennae, I like your blog much better. She is way too jaded for me to fully enjoy her incredible writing skills.

    P.S. Bitter you’re not.

  4. hanner

    I also agree that I like your blog better. And I like that it’s not as vulgar. And I agree with Crystal’s comment, I think it sums up my feelings quite nicely.

    That’s really funny that you made a post about Dooce because I was going to, or at least I was thinking about her today when I clicked on her comment box (it had 98 comments), and by the time I clicked on it the number had gone up to 106. Then I reloaded it 45 minutes later and it was 176. Who knows where it’s at now.

    And I thought, how can I get that much readership on my blog? Step it up, people!

  5. kimmy girl

    crap ali. i just looked at the clock. 1 hour on dooce. flew past. flew. damn, as if i need another distraction. i love her.

  6. Alison

    thank you for the love. i put the line out and you bit! kidding kidding. i love you all!

  7. volcom_LC

    ok. i’m late. but you just have to know. there is not one, ONE, person in the US with my name. finally i just might think my name is cool. and to think of the years i spent coveting the brittney’s and ashley’s of the world.
    you’re a godsend alison, a godsend!

  8. Sam Gray

    dooce is for people with nothing better to do with their time.

  9. shelly

    Please don’t turn into a Dooce…I like your blog too much for that!

  10. tracyjax

    DUDE…her blog is WAY ADDICTING. My friend Loofa told me about it back in my cubicle days and I seriously ate up every word every day. It was insane. When she’s not being bitter about mormons, she’s soooo funny and creative with her writing. I feel like I write better after I read her blogs. She’s inspiring for sure. Me and Alicia have been scheming ways to accidentally run in to her. I actually figured out the park that she used to live by. haha I’m a stalker!

  11. Alicia

    Yea, Tracy turned me on to Dooce a couple years ago and when I was bored at my title company desk job, it was the only thing that kept me going! Now I don’t have much time to keep up with her with a little wiggle worm to run around after! I am going to stop by and see what is new now though!

  12. christopher, there is


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