She is Alison She is Faulkner

This must be “stupid things I found on the Internet” week! (much to Bob’s dismay) Because…look what I found!

Well actually I found it on my friend Jenny’s blog. Anyway it tells you how many people have your name. Legally I am still Alison Faulkner. Which is a good thing because as you can see, there are only 12 other Alison Faulkner’s in the U.S. Do you know how well that ups my googling chances!?
Logo There are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

However if I enter Alison Robertson…
Logo There are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

There are SUBSTANTIALLY more people with the Alison Robertson name. Yes, 49. I don’t know if I can be motivated to be #50!

If I want to make it big out there, I need to differentiate myself from all these other Alison’s. After all there are 76,042 people named Alison in the United States alone! And statistically it is the 622nd most popular name. Names similar to Alison are “Alice.”

I think it’s almost sad how well this site “How many of me?” plays to my egotism. A site with “me” in the title!?!?! LET ME AT IT! I mean I have a whole blog devoted to myself…no really, it’s devoted to you…but I still want more!

Speaking of wanting more, I want Eric! He is out of town again. But, even though he periodically deserts me, he is like, the nicest husband ever. He did all the dishes and laundry, and cleaned the house before he left. He folded all my laundry and put it in little piles. And he even folds my unmentionables!

Eric is also really nice to me when I get super upset when he is gone (even if it has only been 12 hours) and I call him back two minutes after we hang up to tell him ridiculous things like, “I forgot to tell you! I got a new headband at Walgreens!”

Why do you even read my blog! I am an absurd human. Lame websites and gushing about my husband? He is sooo cute though.

Here’s a picture of my new headband!

I won’t be so shallow tomorrow I promise!! Well, I might. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you! Kiss kiss love love. Go ahead and look up how many of “yous” there are for me to love.


Alison Faulkner


  1. maines

    Check out what the website had to say about me:

    There are 0 people in the U.S. with the first name Shalaine.
    This name is not found in our database, this means the name is relatively uncommon.

    How jelous are you right now? There is only one magnicifent marvelous ME! So all your love must go to me and me alone. Me, me me!
    Thank you for providing me with another way to waste 30 seconds of time instead of paying my bills. BORING!

  2. maines

    Oh, and I feel it’s also important to mention that I have the same last name as Brian Austin Green. The only man suave enough to take away Donna’s virginity. It’s good to be me.

  3. Alison

    THANK YOU for the 90210 reference, 10 points to Shalaine. And 10 more points because her son is named Axel. The rest of you are behind now.

    Shalaine: 20
    You: 0

  4. hanner

    There are 2 Hannah Terrills and 2 Hannah Hamills, so I guess I don’t have to worry about that. I only have to worry about remembering where Hannah Terrill is listed (like my passport) so I can travel places.

  5. micemilk

    bad news, that website isn’t really accurate. it says there are 0 erik dalzen’s in the u.s. i’m pretty sure i just married one.

  6. maines

    That is bad news. My only solace now is that I might somehow be related to David Silver.

  7. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Hm, yes, I have to agree with your friend micemilk… it says there are 0 people in the US with the name Jennae. But still very fun!!

  8. crystal

    nice headband… and you’ll be interested to know that I typed in my hubby’s name (Taylor Oberg) and he is the only person in the U.S. with that name!

  9. Jake

    Jacob Melzer doesn’t exist! This can’t be!

  10. Alison

    Ok ok, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if you are not in the database, it’s because your parents have been lying to you all these years and what you think is “your name” is

    a) not your REAL name


    b) those are not your real parents

    I realize this is a harsh way for you to find out and I’m sorry.

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