She Bounces She Bounces

So, my coworker, Nicole, who I loooove, (she’s from San Fran, us California girls have to stick together! Wink!) just announced that she is preggers! on Monday in staff meeting. Saweeet! I almost cried I was so excited. (And I cried last night when David Cook won, HE’S LIVING HIS DREAM! and the night before when he sang U2’s I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. IT WAS MOVING.)

Back to Nicole. Lately, and I think it’s because of the bun in her oven, Nicole’s back has been pretty sore. But she thinks it’s due to her chair at work. Regardless, a solution was needed.

So what did she do? She brought in a giant medicine ball to sit on instead of a chair. Yes, the balls you work out on at the gym. The woman is pregnant people, no one gets to question what she does. BRING ON THE BALLS. And apparently they had them at her old job in San Fransisco, la ti da, and they are good for your back and posture.

So now Nicole sits nicely on her giant ball every other day. And I AM SO JEALOUS.

Here is Nicole getting her work done while sitting like a mature adult on her ball.

Of course, I only lasted three days before caving to my obnoxious kid-sister-at-work tendencies, and I had to steal the ball while Nicole was in a meeting.

The following pictures prove why I’m not allowed to have a giant ball instead of a chair. Especially when listening to Girl Talk. (Please note I asked my BOSS to help me balance to take the following pictures.)

I really did tweak my back falling off that ball in the middle one.

Here is one of Lena showing us how to properly use the ball. She’s from England so she knows how to keep things proper. Hopefully she is going to start teaching Yoga at work!

Anyway, Eric’s birthday is June 9, so if you needed a gift idea, something for the whole family…think round.


  1. courtni

    love it!! they whip those things out during labor too… I’ll have to try it next time. I wanna work where you work…waaaa

  2. shnnn*

    im going to pot my comment here for “she snip she snips” because you will probably never see it down there. well my girl welcome to the club of short hair! i wish i got to chop all your hair off! but i must tell you with a smile on my face and you in my heart….no patrick….GO TO SHEP! at least do it for me because i cant go to him!

  3. volcom_LC

    brilliant. like really, really, really brilliant. gaaawsh you advertising gals sure are savvy.
    ps. you kill me.

  4. lenalou

    Ah, nothing like a big picture of one’s bum on the interwebs.

    High five! You make me laugh.

  5. maines

    I believe “bringing on the balls” is what got her in this predicament in the first place. And after reading that first paragraph….are you sure your not cooking a wee bambino in your oven as well? Get a hold of yourself girl!

  6. Alison

    NOO! my sister, and mother in law wish, but no dice!

  7. Kat Green

    Hey. Wait a sec., Ali. I have a different theory about your injured shoulder.

  8. Jake and Jenna

    what a good idea. seriously. you are beautiful ali my dear. i think that everytime i read your blog.

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