She gives you the good, She gives you the bad

So! The good news is! I HAVE ALL OF MY WEDDING PICTURES NOW! They will be posted on a Pictage site, so you can buy the images of yourself getting freak nasty for the exorbitant price of $12 for 4×6. Or something like that! They are damn good pictures though.

The bad news is, the site needed a few additions, so I have to wait to post the link! But it’s coming soon! I know, I’m a dirty tease.

But I love you, and I’d hate to end this with bad news, so just to be a doll, I’ll sweeten it up with some more good news! My wedding, thank you Heather Balliet, has been chosen to be featured in San Diego Style Weddings. Saweet. So guests, perhaps you will become immortalized in the bible for San Diego brides.

In non related wedding news, thanks for not caring that I was maybe gonna be too busy to post! I mean come on! Obviously I have my priorities straight as made apparent by today’s outstanding post.

Oh baby when she blogs, she blogs.


  1. AOBrien

    ahahhaa I love reading your blog love.. always so damn clever

  2. jenny

    Your blog is so much better than mine. I don’t know why I even blog anymore.

  3. courtni

    love you – love your wedding!! congrats, I’m NOT surprised, I’m sure you’ll let us all know what month the mag is! xo

  4. manda

    it’s OK if you get busy, blogger is a click away!

  5. Alison

    oh you stop that.

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