She Peters She Pans

I feel like Peter Pan today.

I look like Peter Pan today.

I have this little lick of hair that won’t go down.

I’m wearing a frilly green shirt.

And I wish I had never, ever, EVER grown up, graduated from college, and gotten a job that requires my presence.

Mmmm, Peter Pan reminds me of Finding Neverland which reminds me of Johnny Depp. Sigh, Johnny.

I was going to write something profound and fun. But everything just sounded bitter. So I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for being my friend. If you need me I’ll be painting in my underwear.

xoxo Peter


  1. Alisha

    Alison oh my hannah- you’re a character. I have been blalking you since your lemonade detox. Just thought I’d admit it- I’m addicted! How are you? This is Alisha Clark, Lizzie’s sister-PS.How is being married and being fabulous?

    May 9, 2008   |   Reply
  2. Patricia

    alison, coming from an entire life’s worth of cowlicks, you pull it off. if you look like peter pan, he’s hot. and i bet you look better in green spandex.

  3. manda

    I cannot get over how much i love your hair, i plan on cutting all of the brown off of mine when it is more grown out, meanwhile i am playing like i enjoy my blond roots.

    You are so beautiful!!!

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