She Scowls She Scowls

Oh, hi, just INDIE Alison here. Being really hip.

Don’t worry, comes naturally.

Why? Well it could be that most of my ex boyfriends were in bands.
Or that my husband IS a band.

Or it could be cause I just wrote an article for “Indie Rock Review” online!

Haha. HA!

Jake Smart, friend, fellow San Diegan, hipster (sorry Jake, kiss kiss) apparently writes concert reviews for (I’ve outed him!) On Friday I saw him at the Cut Copy show, and he just couldn’t hack the entire concert, so he asked if I would write a review for him.

Oh no, Jake. I’m too shy to write a review. No, it would be posted online? On a website with the word “indie” in the title!? I COULDN’T! I just wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing my opinion with strangers! I’m not like that at all!

And yet, no more than 72 hours later Jake had a crisp clean “concert review” voluntarily sent to his inbox…weird.

So! Even though it says it was written by Jake Smart at the top, we all know who really wrote it.


As you will discover, it’s really not indie, it’s barely a review, but all in all, I still think it rocks.

(As an aside, I’d like some real freelance work, I write, if you happen to know of any. xoxo)


  1. becca

    loved it. so indie.

    May 6, 2008   |   Reply
  2. crystal

    Alison, hi it’s your friend Crystal again. I read your blog and love it, but i’ll tell you what seriously just sealed the deal on how much I love it… your mentioning Veronica Mars in your review. Are you kidding, I was (and still am) beyond obsessed with that show/Kristen Bell, I thought it was genius, and to have them rip it off the air without even the courtesy of a series finale… well, it ripped my heart out.

    Anyway, I moved on to her other ventures such as Heroes only to have it canceled mid-season due to unhappy writiers… what’s a girl to do besides go to her raunchy new movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    Anyway, I know this is long, but thanks for the shout-out to my favorite tv show of all time!

    May 6, 2008   |   Reply
  3. crystal

    Oh my gosh, I’m getting so giddy just thinking about VM. I just wanted you to know that I secretly think Logan’s mom is still alive and out there somewhere and if they hadn’t cancelled the show she would have probably returned. Season 1 was my favorite, it is so raw and gritty… Tell your husband to enjoy because although Taylor pretends that he’s too cool for that show, he totally would watch it with me.

    May 6, 2008   |   Reply
  4. Club Narwhal

    “you can promote world peace one dance party at a time.” – Alison Faulkner

    you just became my new gchat status (congratulations).

    May 7, 2008   |   Reply

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