SheBlogsLight #1

A few months ago I posted series of ProvoLights. The ProvoLights featured exceptional people who lived in Provo (my old stomping grounds). However, I no longer live in Provo…but that doesn’t mean there aren’t OTHER amazing people in the world! Plus, folks seemed to enjoy the ProvoLights, and it’s nice to give props. SO! I’d like to do something similar. But since I don’t know too many people in Salt Lake yet, but I do spend and inordinate amount of time on blogs (I’m a copywriter, I need to fodder!) I decided to do a BlogLight of sorts!!! Thrilled?! I knew you would be. I will be highlighting great people and their blogs.

I will call them SheBlogsLights.
And you can’t stop me.
So without further ado,

here’s SheBlogsLight #1

Mrs. Bree King

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own little worlds. And I am the Queen of getting wrapped up. See, look at that, I just deemed myself queen, I’m so self-centered. Especially lately. With the wedding, and the other reception, and the moving, it was all about me, Me! ME!

But the other day I had a beautiful reality check.

You probably know Asian Eddie King, he’s a legend. And you probably know his beautiful wife Bree. She’s a doll. If you don’t, that’s ok, trust me they’re CHOICE.

Bree is my cousin’s cousin, and when her and Eddie got together it was a clash of the titans. We all eagerly anticipated the wedding.

But five weeks before Eddie and Bree were scheduled to be married, sweet Bree was kicked in the head by a horse and went into a coma for a month.

This was nearly three years ago. Eddie and Bree were married a year after her injury. And since the accident Bree has recovered leaps and bounds. She is a tiny miracle. Not to mention she still dresses cuter and is wittier than I could ever hope to/be.

She writes a hysterical family blog for her and Eddie that I love. Her writing is da bomb.

But I didn’t realize Bree has another blog. It is called “My TBI Life.” (TBI=Truamatic Brain Injury.)


Maybe you all know about this blog, and I’m just slow. But I just wanted to SheBlogLights Bree’s TBI Blog just in case you had missed it too.

I found it the other day and I read the whole baby blog from Post #1 to Post #24 in one sitting. Don’t tell my boss. (It’s really not THAT long) Bree has decided to retroactively record her recovery. She starts with the day she woke up from her coma and is continuing to the present. She records her thoughts about her hospital bed, her physical therapy, and how sweet her family and Eddie are to her. (Ok I’m crying again.) But I won’t say more because Bree says it better.

I was crying and laughing at my desk and almost snotted a coworker—like Slimer on Ghostbusters—when I had to turn around quickly to answer his question.

Bree’s writing is so real, and so beautiful. She is concise and clever. I highly recommend reading the whole blog. Even if you have to do so in snips. Start from the beginning. It is motivational, funny, and a great effort. I didn’t tell Bree I was SheBlogLighting her. So I hope she doesn’t mind.

I love you all and I hope you find as much inspiration from Bree’s beautiful blog as I did.

Thanks Bree. Love you.

And watch out blog babies…you could be next.




  1. Bree

    You made one brain injured girl so very happy! It was an exciting moment. I am honored!

    May 5, 2008   |   Reply
  2. Ems

    the problem though with you posting about blogs means I will develop more blog relationships, which means I learn everything about a stranger’s life and feel like I know them and that we’re friends and will talk about them in real life when in reality said blogger doesn’t know I exist. Which I think is actually just called me being creepy.

    but the brain blog is good! well done bree!

    May 5, 2008   |   Reply
  3. Roberston

    Bree is an inspiration. She may be inspiration incarnate. On top of all this, she is so funny. I love this girl.

    May 6, 2008   |   Reply

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