She Moves She Moves

Eric, my scrumdidliumptious husband, and I have moved! (Wedding pictures link on the previous post!)

And because we are young and hip and totally with it, a move of course can only mean one thing…

A trip to IKEA!

We should have unpacked, we should have organized and measured and planned, but no, I didn’t want to sort my winter running clothes from my summer running clothes, I wanted to go to Ikea. Eric PUHLEEEASEEEEE can we go to Ikea! Please! Please!

And of course, he obliged. Oh, love.

This was our first trip to Ikea as a married couple. We need a couch! We need a rug! We need a desk! We need (well, I think we need) a bed frame! Chairs, trashcans, nightstands! Buy buy buy!

Ikea could not be more perfect for Utah. Thousands of young marrieds and coeds, in need of reasonably priced socially acceptable home goods and décor. It’s understated, it’s sleek, it’s so fashionably DIY. When Ikea opened the whole Wasatch collectively FREAKED OUT. Joel Baer even got a job there!

And so last night the blissful little newlyweds hit up the “Family Restroom” (we looove family restrooms) and then strutted confidently and excitedly onto the main floor of Ikea with lofty hopes of furnishing our love nest.

After 3 serious “relationship” conversations (thankfully they have lots of comfortable seating) 2.5 hours of wandering around and stopping to have serious relationship conversations, and 1 serious budget negotiation, we left Ikea with two serious hanging closet organizers “SKUBBs” and this question:

“How many divorces has IKEA caused?”

Thankfully OUR love, mine and Eric’s, is strong and determined, and bolstered by “Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus,” “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,” and “10 Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess Up Their Relationship.”

But how many others have drowned in the stormy seas of Ikea?

By the time we got to the checkout we were making out and smiling again, but I noticed a crossed arm wife, shaking her head at her disgruntled husband, as she said, with gritted teeth, “We need four…not TWO!”

And so I issue a caution about the bright blue building off of I-15 that calls to all: beware, Beware, BEWARE!


  1. Eddie and Breanne King

    the proper care and feeding of husbands…I think thats the only reason eddie and i are still married after 2 years…

  2. Jake and Jenna

    two things. i have never felt so happy for two people as i feel for you and eric. i had the chills looking at your wedding pictures and i just can’t believe how beautiful you are! second…i should’ve warned you about ikea. death to marriages, but the good ones survive. loves.

  3. hanner

    Ugh, IKEA. Robbie and I went a couple weeks ago and that’s when I found out that I didn’t have the final say in everything.

  4. Alison

    and that, dear hannah, is a tough realization.

  5. volcom_LC

    a little advice from an old married hag: go to ikea alone and hide the reciept. or maximize what a great deal you got on everything!
    ryan generally drops me off and shows up just in time to load the car.
    its a perfected system…

  6. Sally

    hahaha…you are freakin hilarious. Don’t you worry…all that junk will get thrown away in about two years when you move and you want real stuff anyway. But then again everyone has to go through one..or sometimes two rounds of IKEA and Target furniture…

  7. Matt and Jennae Porter

    We’ve been married 5+ years and I still feel like I’m living it up when I buy something new at IKEA. Sorry Pottery Barn, I can’t justify spending $1,200 on a freaking computer desk!! My advice: go alone and get a cute IKEA worker to load your stuff in the car. And wait until the stuff is put together before you tell Eric what it cost. Worked for me… =)

  8. Grace J

    Alison, I have to admit that I still read your blog even though Nate told me about when you guys were in China.

    That being said, love the wedding pics, love the red boots, and the design sponge blog is so great!!!!!!

  9. naomi

    andy and i have been to IKEA once. No, not for furniture, for straws and a snack. And to look at a whirly-bug stuffed toy. Drama avoided.

  10. adrienne

    cute boots/dress. you look like you stepped straight out of three’s company.

    May 1, 2008   |   Reply
  11. Audrey

    I usually get in a fight with myself at Ikea, I believe this is a totally normal reaction to such an overstimulating experience. but then again, i am your crazy friend.

    May 7, 2008   |   Reply

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