She Analyzes She Analyzes

Google analytics is controlling my life.

Everyday I check to see if you love me.

Everyday I wait to validate myself by your page views, visits, time spent on site. Why! Do you love me some days more than other days? What is it that brings you to my blog?! And for the love of all that’s holy, what provokes you to comment so profusely sometimes, and say nothing at others!

I guess you do, however, say it best, when you say nothing at all.

But I must remind myself. It’s not about the analytics and naughty little numbers. NO! It’s about the LOVE! All I want to share is love. I want you to feel loved. Get love, be loved. And if you can’t find it anywhere else, well then by God, you can find it here.

So, I will do what I have always done. I cannot cater to you. I can only be me. Because, as I once wrote for Hallmark. Only you, can be you.

With that. Let us return to LOVE.

Here is me, showing you how much I love you, through dance. Choreographed dance no less. And with a wedding picture.



  1. volcom_LC

    what a dress. love! and super dance moves. what a lucky guy.

  2. Megan

    You tease. More pictures, please. Wish I could have busted a move or two with you. Need I remind you of the pants-splitting dance party of 2006?

  3. Whitney

    I often wonder the same things…

  4. Tamara Jackson

    best part of the night! there were so many memorable moments but this one takes the (wedding) cake.

  5. Katie Brown

    alison, thought i’d send a little love your way. it’s katie neuenswander/brown, if you remember me :). haven’t seen you since you were like 14, but followed links to your blog and have been checking semi-frequently to see pictures of the faulkner wedding extravaganza that i unfortunately missed. congrats on your marriage and i love your posts.

  6. Samantha

    Alison. You looked so great. I demand more photos.

  7. Tiffany

    the people love you baby! i try to resist the urge to check your blog every five min, you have won my heart.

  8. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Your wedding dance was unreal. I loved it! And yes, more pictures please!!

  9. Carpfam

    Your dress was amazing! I can’t wait to see more pictures!! I love that you had a choreographed dance, that is so great (I am so jealous)! I love to read your blog so keep the posts coming!!

  10. jenny

    I show love via my comments to you. See?!

  11. Amanda

    Only YOU would have a choreographed dance at your wedding. You’re one in a million and I love it!

  12. AOBrien

    I like your sleeves

  13. Club Narwhal

    i love you so much i check your blog once, twice (ok one hundred) times a day in hopes of a new blog entry.

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