She Moans She Groans

Happy Earth Day! And in other news…

I woke up this morning at 5:30 am with searing pain in my left shoulder. Big whoop. This often happens because I sleep on my left side, and usually I just lose some motion in my arm for the day and get over it by nightfall.

But THIS morning at 5:30 am, the discomfort was so severe that I think it woke me up. I got up to go to the bathroom, and immediately became overwhelmed by the pain. And as I sat groggily on the toilet…urination stunted by the sharp knife like jabs in my shoulder, my vision went blurry, my eyes went dizzy and my head slumped between my legs as I momentarily passed out. (Sorry for that visual…NOT!)

I KNOW I’m dramatic, and I was just sick like last week. SUCH A BABY. Honestly, maybe I just need attention, so my body is acting out. Like, I’m not the bride anymore so I have to figure out some other way for people to notice me…

But regardless of the cause, I have sat at my desk all day almost nauseous with this pain in my shoulder. Well, either that or the Arctic Circle I got myself for lunch to make me feel better… “Reward Yourself!”

Anyway. This is boring. But you know what isn’t boring. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Especially the Pink Power Ranger Kimberly—chosen by Zordon to protect planet Earth. She was such a babe. And I bet if Kimberly had a little shoulder pain she wouldn’t be such a whiner about it.

No, Kimberly would man up, and get back to using her Pterodactyl Dinozord powers against Rita Repulsa to yet again secure peace on Earth.

Kimberly would kick butt and stop complaining. Sacrificing her own comfort for the safety of others.

Sigh, if only I could be more like that sexy Pink Power Ranger. Then I’d really be celebrating Earth Day.


  1. kimmy girl

    for the obvious reasons kimberly was always my favorite power ranger. not only did she have the best name, she was clearly the best color. and you are right, she was a total babe.

    dont be sick ali, its over rated, unless you get out of work. which you didnt!

  2. Kat Green

    Alison, listen up, you. This is your Auntie Kathy talkin’, here. You don’t get a result like that from sleeping weird. Something very romantic is going on.

    Something the doctors won’t be able to figure out for eons. The stuff of gripping novels.

    Bottom line, you need to march into the nearest GP and start the grueling process. Maybe that fine line between genius and insanity has a maverick vector that also leads to exotic undiagnosable shoulder-osity. Get on it, K?


  3. Alison

    the only problem with that theory is that eric is out of town!

  4. jenny

    If you watched Felicity you would hate the pink power ranger.

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