She Hobs She Nobs

I would never! And I mean NEVER! Take a picture with a celebrity just because they are a celebrity! I am far too proud. I’ve bypassed the likes of Cameron Diaz, and TONY DANZA, out of this pride. (Who’s the Boss now!?)

I would, however, take a picture with on of my girlfriends, gal pals, amigas, cheetah girls. And this weekend, though it was the first rough nights I had to spend without my husband, I did get to hang out with a new good friend to ease the pain…

Miss Paige Davis of Trading Spaces!

She is a bubbly little doll. So sweet and real. And obviously, me, her make-up artist, agent, and stylist all became BFF’s. We embraced and sent kisses as we parted, but like all good friends I’m sure we’ll K.I.T.

Speaking of K.I.T. My husband is gone all week so send this pathetic sap some love.

I miss you people.

xoxo Alison


  1. Ems

    ah Paige! she is the best one!

    (hi we met at party last week and I now stalk you cus of Kirk’s link to you)

  2. The Notorialist

    she exists she exists!
    i was doing my blog research (which i tend to do everytime i’m feeling under the weather – which i am) and there you were! i can’t say how many licks it took to get to you, but i can fairly say it was a good hour before i was hot on your trail! (incriminating, do not approve this comment!) i can happily say that your blog was just the shot in the arm i needed after reading all the other blags (yup, that’s brag+blog=genius)!
    it seems i have some serious catching up to do on your life, but most importantly…you met Paige?! kidding…you are married!!! congratulations! i’m sure my invitation was lost in the mail 🙂 kidding again, but seriously, I am so happy to hear your big news, even if i had to hansel and gretel my way through the blogosphere to find out. so pathetic.
    so i don’t mean to beat around the blog, but i am debbie for your brother evan’s email – and yours too, and all the faulking emails i can get my cyberhands on. send to if possible.
    miss you love you mean it!
    Sydney Rose Davies

    p.s. no hob-nobbing here, but i did see pete doherty in paris last week.
    p.s.s. longest comment ever. sorry!

  3. Alison

    Oh good! This is great! Syd and Em two blonde bombshells on the site! WORD UP!

  4. jenny


  5. Fragmentadora de Papel

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  6. Club Narwhal

    paige! you two were bound to be bffs sooner or later 🙂 such a dear.

  7. Patricia

    alison stop i think you are the greatest stop i’m sorry you have to spend the next while by yourself stop if i were in utah i would come sleep on your couch stop maybe in your bed stop but i am not there so i will just comment on your blog stop

  8. Jake and Jenna

    oh yes. paige is a hero.

  9. amorology

    I have no doubt that one day you will be a celebrity yourself! People already want to hug you and take pictures with you!

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