She Chews She Chews

It’s Friday and I’m sitting at my desk STARVING as usual. There is not a morsel of food in the company kitchen, and to top it all off my coworker Trent is out of treats. USELESS. (It’s probably because I ate whatever he had this morning.)

But then I recall that I might possibly have a little something in my purse.

I dig in eagerly!

What was it that I packed! I try to remember…I know it was something!

What is it that I have neglected to eat all day!?

To my disappointment I find


I know. I’m the one who packed it. I did it to myself. I put it in my purse thinking, “Oh! A healthy treat to gobble up!”


Because in reality, when you’re going to DIE of hunger at 4:25pm on a Friday, the last thing you want, contrary to what A.A. Milne says, is celery.

Besides, I need calories. And last I heard celery burns more calories than you eat. I looked it up to verify. By the way, you burn the calories in the digestion, not in the chewing.

Anyway. Celery SUX.

But you don’t, you rock.

And I hope you rock this Saturday night at our second wedding party! At the Northampton House in American Fork from 7 to 11 pm.

And unless it’s drenched in ranch or suffocating in peanut butter, there will not be any celery served.


  1. Danielle

    Did you put that celery on a stick?

  2. courtni

    so been there & done that, it starts as a relatively good idea…then turns to torture

  3. Jessica Jane

    I love you and I am so sad that I am missing your reception. 🙁 I am in NY now, away from Provo forever. I love you both, love each other and know that you are always welcome in NY or Boston for a visit (wherever I am). XOXOXO

  4. Alison

    ha, no. Its my on headphone in one ear. So I can hear if someone is creeping up on me. When you work in a cube you’ll understand. Haha.

  5. Matt and Jennae Porter

    You look so sexy in that photo. I hate those days where you try to be good and pack all healthy stuff, and then it backfires because you just end up raiding the vending machine for peanut MM’s! Hope your party is fun tonight!

  6. Tiffany

    what?! alison and trent back together??? i am fighting a tinge of jealousy left over from our adventures in spore land. okay maybe a lot.

  7. volcom_LC

    the george is a great stop over for us while we work our way back to the true paradise of san diego! honestly, we really enjoy it here. its a small town, but its got style and its growing like cuhrayzee. the heat isn’t all that bad, especially when you realize it means a very short winter (my favortie)! we definitely recommend a stint down south if you’re entertaining the idea!

  8. Tayebi Sisters

    this comment has nothing to do with your post, but i need wedding pics of Falk Face…PRONTO! please?

  9. Lezlie Wagner

    how in the world is there no food in your office? I think that is against office rules, at least is was at mine…hence, my 15 lb. weight gain.

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