Label Me.

Negate me. Sorry Kierkegaard. I have decided that I am turning myself into a brand. I’m starting a branding campaign for myself. I have a voice, a brand personality, a brand promise, and now I need a catchy tagline.



  1. maxeverything

    Why not throw Levinas out with the Kierkegaard water? Change the post title to “Totalize me.”

  2. Matt Clayton

    “Got Alison?” That’s waaay catchy.

  3. manda

    you need to try some UTILITARIANISM

  4. Alison

    whoa is me with the isms. i like agapism. followed by a nice helping of existentialism and sure who doesnt like a little Mill?

  5. Alison

    you people are terrible at this. you would fail at my job. quick, write a tagline for the Digital Draw Network.

  6. manda

    yeah right baby, do your own taglines! i’ll stick to sitting around reading other people’s amazing intelligent writings.

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