Huge LEAPING Mistake

As I sat at my desk I thought to myself, oh! it’s leap day! Wouldn’t that be cool to get married on Leap Day? Then I thought to myself, you idiot, you’re getting married in a Leap Year, you could have gotten married on Leap Day! I mean I’m only getting married 22 days later anyway. I totally missed this golden opportunity. How could I have been so daft?

Then I started thinking about all the fun “Leap” wedding themes I could have had. (Not that I am at all unsatisfied with Lovebirds!) And then I started shouting them aloud to my whole office, who couldn’t have cared less… But imagine it! Frogs everywhere, lily pads and ponds! The invitation could have said, “Eric and Alison are taking the leap!” It would have been brilliant! Green, wart-laden and brilliant!

But hindsight is 20/20, and only now can I see the Leap Boat sailing away from me as this day comes to a close.

On another Leapy note, traditionally it is accepted for women to propose to a man during a leap year.

“Queen Margaret of Scotland, required that fines be levied if a marriage proposal was refused by the man; compensation ranged from a kiss to £1 to a silk gown, in order to soften the blow.”

Ha! Not only could you propose but you were compensated if you were rejected. Not that I can complain, I have many a pair of new jeans and a quite a fetching wallet from mommy dearest as “compensation” for many a tumultuous break-up. (As a side note, wedding presents have by far compensated for the now non-existent break-up compensations…)

Anyway. Ladies, keep in mind this tradition of females demanding marriage from males is not just limited to leap day, but the entire LEAP YEAR…10 months and counting.

Though I missed out on this whole leapy wedding, it doesn’t mean you have to. Keep me posted and should love find you in exactly four years, call me and we can plan your wedding together.

Love and leaps,



  1. Lezlie Wagner

    Alison… that is the best idea ever! okay so i am going to try and pull myself together in four years to make this happen.

  2. hanner

    good call robbie for proposing in 08 and not 07

  3. tracyjax

    You could have incorporated that frog in your parents yard!

  4. Julie Yardley

    i wish i would have gotten married in vegas. a true shotgun wedding would have been perfect. oh well. we cant all get what we want 😉

  5. Fish Nat!on

    you blew it. i want to be proposed to.

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