Attack of the Killer Donut

Honestly! Seriously! Donuts, every Friday. In the office. Just sitting on the counter. The kitchen counter that you have to walk by to get anywhere. All day. THEY SIT. I leave and come back…and there are MORE DONUTS! New donuts, fresh donuts. And not the crappy kind. No. They are the Rocking Horse Bakery ones. The really really good ones. And maple bars, they have maple bars. I LOVE MAPLE BARS.

You dream of being this bone skinny bride, so frail people don’t even recognize you. How am I supposed to make this a freaking reality with DONUTS shoved in my face. Literally shoved.

I love you more than I love donuts.

But not more than I love Eric. Who of the donuts said, “Bring some home for Daddy!”

My coworker caught me taking this picture. He didn’t ask questions.


  1. Roberston

    so funny… So hungry…

  2. Matt Clayton

    Auhh, its only your wedding. Have a few donuts. (smile)
    And tell Trent I still have his cowboy hat.

  3. k. daye

    i love your blog! check out i’d love for us to work together.

  4. Sharon

    You are so skinny and will be the most beautiful bride! Friday’s over, time for the Monday morning resolve!

  5. Fish Nat!on

    why do trans fats have to be so delicious.

  6. Alison

    bless you all. i succumbed to only portions of the donuts. k.- contact me! at if you’d like!

    kiss kiss

  7. Lezlie Wagner

    one thing that I have learn in the office world… FOOD IS EVERY WHERE and the freshman 15 returns!

  8. Heather

    Where do you work?! I need to get hired there

  9. tracyjax

    I’m going to come and tie up the person who is bringing donuts in, until the wedding. After the wedding I will give you a whole dozen of maple bars to eat all by yourself. jk eat a freakin donut you little waif! love you

  10. jeff

    i would eat a few donuts right now.

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