Deep thoughts from Alison Faulkner

So, I was just sitting here, you know, at my desk, and I looked up and caught my reflection in the small mirror I keep nearby, and I thought to myself, “I am having a really good hair day.”

Then I thought, well aren’t you full of yourself, Alison! Then I looked again and thought, no, no I’m not. My hair really does look fantastic! I didn’t even spend that long on it! And it hasn’t been cut or colored in two months, and DAMN, it looks good.

Then I decided we should appreciate the good hair days if we are going to groan about the bad hair days. Several people in my office then commented on how nice my hair looks today, after hearing others comment one coworker even said, “Yeah, I thought to myself, hey I’ve never noticed but you are kind of cute. And in looking at you…it must be the hair.” I think he was kidding, then again, maybe not. Oh well. I’m just going to appreciate the fact that I am having one hell of a good hair day and leave it at that. a

Here I am with my good hair. I love you all and wish you the best of hair days this week.


  1. Lezlie Wagner

    AHHHH so beautiful! Okay, so I wanted to say how sad I was that I did not get to come to your shower…I wanted to so so bad. Anyway, I had to be at Steph’s wedding, but … hopefully Erin told you that I loved you. Also, I heard that you two answered all your questions the same on the video. If anyone had any doubts… they now have proof that they were horribly wrong.

  2. manda

    flowy soft lovable oh so touchable hair!

  3. samsam

    it’s like….angel hair…you just look so ethereal (said in a soft, whispery, sultry sort of voice)

  4. Patricia

    woodland fairies couldn’t weave silken strands so lovely

  5. Eddie and Breanne King

    Wow you are right your hair is looking pretty good. I wish my hair looked that good

  6. Alison

    oh you are all too sweet. bree i bet it does look that good!

  7. Meredith


  8. bardhi h.

    hi amanda clemmer

  9. Alison

    bardhi, whatever do you mean? that i am such a babe like amanda? that i am coy like amanda? your only comments on my blog are snide. think about that mister.

  10. Alicia

    Hey! I am having a good hair day today too! Yesterday… not so much…

  11. Carpfam

    Alison!! I just saw your comment on our blog and I was so excited! Congratulations on the engagement!!! I am so happy for you. I had so much fun looking at your blog today. You are so hilarious…not to mention you do have great hair!! I hope you’re doing well, talk soon.

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