Pushing Love

I feel like I don’t say enough positive things about the people I love, and I hope, by saying more things about the people I love, I hope I can cause you some reflection about the people you love in your life. But to keep it more interesting for you, and because I worked for Hallmark, AND because it’s Valentine’s Day…I will write about these people in a sappy greeting card format.

Eric, cue instrumentals please. Thank you.

“Samantha Dickens”

To My Dearest Little Sam Sam
Your dance moves make say, “Sha BaM (bam)!”
Your tiny hips your sexy legs
Have you seen that bacon commercial where the dog begs?
Dang girl! that’s what you make the boys do…
I sure wish I could do that too.
You’re sensitive and super sexy sweet
And I think your homemade jewelry collection is real neat!
Even when I lost your ring
You didn’t say one, not one, mean thing!
Thanks for being such a brainy chick
As my friend, you’ll always be top pick.

“Amanda Clemmer”

This one’s for the Sex Kitten of my dreams,
Amanda Clemmer: if you knows her you knows what I means.
She’s friendly to animals and people alike
And she’s really good on the skateboard and the bike.
She has a quiet voice, but a lot to say
She’s one smart cookie and can philosophize all day!
Amanda is witty and quick, a real sass
And may I say, has really banging…class (Hallmark standards)
She flirts like a devil and write like one too
She paints and draws, what can’t she do!?
Her hair looks good either blonde or brown,
And if people mess with you I’ll gladly take them down. (oh I felt tough)

Ok! More to come. XOXO


  1. manda

    really great. seriously just what i needed today!

  2. samsam


    love.love.love and….more love.

  3. Patricia

    i think you should quite and run your own singing gram business. you have a talent and it’s time to let it shine.

  4. Krista

    I LOVE your wedding announcement!!!!! SO cute!

  5. Sharon

    It was great to see you today!

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