Week O’ Love: Love Me

I sit here all day. (Well except yesterday when I was busy at a photo shoot and commercial voice over with Kyle Beckerman, the star of Real Salt Lake Soccer…BEST friends…look at me, BIG DEAL) And it’s like they just want me to give. Give GIVE GIVE, create create create! Cracking the “create” whip at me all day long! And between planning an extravagant lovebird themed wedding, focusing as much time and attention as possible on Mr. Shmeric, and finding time to visit the LimeLight Tanning Salon (Hot in Bed!) it’s like! a girl can only give so much!

And then there’s the constant cravings I fight all day long to break into song and dance in my cubicle paired with my incessant need for a Diet Dr. Pepper (have you tried the new Diet Cherry Chocolate? Tastes like a tootsie roll! YUM) rolled up with my nagging desire to be connected to my loved ones via text, gchat and email!

Pause for air.

And on top of all that sometimes I get so excited about getting married that I actually cannot calm down. Bouncing, I am bouncing in my chair. And it’s quiet in the office and you can hear the keyboards peck peck pecking and people having serious conversations about serious advertising matters, while I’m straegically placing my beanie on the annoying Aflac stuffed duck that the Aflac rep gave me because I couldn’t stop making the “Aflac”

duck quack when he tried to sell me on some sort of insurance that I will probably need because I cannot drive without talking on my phone and trying to find left over peanut butter M&M’s under my seat. I’m an accident waiting to happen.

Speaking of waiting to happen, tomorrow is an important day! Let’s all try to give as much love as we possibly can! So much love that the sky drips conversation hearts, cheap cherry lollipops sprout in the city planters, and your ears ring with R. Kelly’s Bump N’ Grind late into the night.


  1. hanner

    I love you LONG time

  2. becca

    there was some serious energy within this post.

    i still love the nest.

  3. teandra


  4. joshua.

    wait, do you really know Kyle Beckerman??? I love him.
    center mid for RSL, came in the middle of last season from the Colorado Rapids, traded for Mehdi Balouchi.
    i’m telling you. I love him. ha.

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