1. Do not, under any circumstances, check your personal email, this will pretty much take care of most issues and prevent you from making executive decisions about small bird shaped wedding favors, ties for the wedding party, invitations, and bird brooches for your bridesmaids

2. Do not utilize the creative talent of your bosses, i.e. letting them art direct your engagement photo, contribute to theme ideas, criticize your outfit choices

3. Don’t ask the graphic designers for printing advice and tips (they have tons of them)

4. Never, I MEAN NEVER, accept personal calls from your mother on office hours

5. Forget about text messaging, kiss it goodbye (an unlimited text plan will just tempt you)

6. And finally, don’t G-Chat other engaged girls and start a tangled web of virtual panic-stricken brides to be.


  1. noelle regina

    item number 6:
    agreed. although there is something cathartic about gchat wedding commiseration / celebration.


  2. manda

    YES! I want to be an engaged girl!

  3. Jake and Jenna Vela

    just stick your arms up straight in the air during your office hours and scream, “I’M GETTING MARRIED!”

    i’m pretty sure they’ll leave you alone after that.

    i love you.

  4. Lezlie Wagner

    next how to… How to find an marry an amazing fella, and live happily ever after.

  5. Fish Nat!on

    or you could simply not get married. this is what i have done and it has worked out pretty well.

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