Month: January 2008

How To: Make the Most Of Your Office Supplies

Or! How to beautify your cubicle with no more than what the supply room has to offer! I’ve made myself a little friend out of your two standard sizes of paper clips! Finally, someone to laugh at my jokes! A breakfast treat identified: blue post-it note, tape and sharpie. A menagerie of woodland animals made …

How To: Trip Out Or How To: Make Your Own Magic Eye

Yeah, magic eye. Like the ones from the 90’s. How sweet were those? Totally amazing. I was staring blankly today at my two screens and cubicle walls, and I was reminded of the blank gaze, slight headache, and relaxed eyes you need in order to see an image among the squiggles. I remember standing in …


1. Do not, under any circumstances, check your personal email, this will pretty much take care of most issues and prevent you from making executive decisions about small bird shaped wedding favors, ties for the wedding party, invitations, and bird brooches for your bridesmaids 2. Do not utilize the creative talent of your bosses, i.e. …

How To: Blog

I am going to start a series of “How To’s” because my blog is getting boring. Does that mean I’m getting boring? PROBABLY. Anyway stay tuned.

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