I Love You Benji

Today, my coworker told me that a couple years ago he played dodge ball with the band members of Good Charlotte. Which is amazing in and of itself, and then it reminded me of some other amazing things…

One time we saw a boy at a Good Charlotte show (this was in high school, don’t judge me) that we thought was cute. Of course Andrea flirted with him and ended up holding his hand during the punk ballad. Later when we were all leaving the show she kissed him. I think his name was Scott, she dated him for a month.

In my driver’s license picture I’m wearing a Good Charlotte shirt. “On the East Coast Is Where We Ride.”

Then Tara made me a sign when I ran a marathon that said, “Do it for Good Charlotte.” That was my fastest marathon.

Anyway, don’t give up on me. I really am going to post more soon!

I have a silly article in Square Magazine if you miss me a lot.

I miss you like I miss eating nutritious meals and attending Good Charlotte shows. (I went to two, it was before they were big… I swear, that makes a difference, right?)


  1. crystal

    I went to a show of theirs too and loved it. I tell myself that it does make a difference because at the time they were underground and so was I. I still exercise to their music, it gets me pumped up…

  2. AOBrien

    I am glad i rediscovered your blog.. ps “everyone I know is getting married this summer”.. which is a great song and the story of my life

  3. Roberston

    Your back!… and thank you for bringing Good Charlotte with you.

  4. manda

    i love you bloggy baby buggy bumper

  5. Julie

    oh will we ever be blogging friends?

  6. hiller-ittle-ry thing she does is magic

    good charlotte north carolina! haaa haa ha.

  7. Arin

    I think you forgot the other notable event at the Good Charlotte Concert…how we stopped on the onramp to the freeway (to ponder which direction we should go) in the blue jetta and a car hit us. That is all. Just fighting the good fight against revisionist history.

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