New series! Sister Minute #1 and #2


So, I don’t know if you remember, but I have a little sister, Andrea Faulkner Williams, that I love a lot! You can see like my ode to her here (and the party I threw her when she moved away from me). We’ve been thinking about doing some sort of series together for YEARS, but we’ve never been sure what we should do it about! So we decided to finally JUST DO IT already, and film some videos for a “Sister Minute” series. We filmed them a month or so when I was in San Diego, which is where she lives.

To get you started I’m sharing two today! And honestly, I’m not quite sure what to say about them. Hahaha. We discuss everything from being sisters, to being moms, to lessons we hope our daughters learn from us, to dance moves we’ve learned from my dad, Craig.

Basically they are intended to entertain, delight, spawn discussion. Haha they’re just SISTER MINUTES!

In this first Sister Minute Andrea and I share 3 things we do when we’re sad, that help cheer us up.

Mama Bear shirt c/o Loved By Hannah and Eli

I’d love to hear a simple pick-me-up you do when you’re sad? And how absurd is my #3?! I know, I know, so weird.

And in the second video we share one of my dad’s signature dance moves! So you’ll want to see that, because there may or may not be a cameo. If you’ll recall I’ve gotten him to dance once before.

Isn’t my dad the best?!

Ok let me know your thoughts. Hahaha.

And if you’re looking to watch some more fun stuff! Check out How to Look Hot in Photo booth! Or maybe Mr. Rad’s Birthday Bash!


How to Be Awesome Part 5: Avoid the Comparison Trap


Well hello my awesome friends. I wonder if you can tell how much thought and time I put into these little How to Be Awesome videos?! I hope it shows through! I don’t just sit down and chat, I honestly think about them FOR WEEKS! Especially with this one! I’ve been thinking about this topic, the topic of comparing ourselves with others for a while now. Months probably. And the other day I was listening to podcast and someone mentioned “the comparison trap.”

And it just CLICKED. That’s exactly what comparison is!!! It’s A TRAP!!!

So in this episode, which is Part 5 of my How to Be Awesome series I talk about how being awesome means you must: AVOID THE COMPARISON TRAP!

Comparing yourself to others can do a lot of detrimental things, but I identified 3 things I’ve seen it do in my own life and that’s what I talk about in the video. So I hope you find it helpful! And I also wanted to share this conclusion that I come to in the video in a little graphic. And so here it is:


I believe this is true with all my heart! And if you’re interested in hearing why, well then here’s the video! Hooray!

I love you guys so much and hope you have a very happy weekend!

As always I LOVE hearing your thoughts on these!


Mini Layer Cake Tutorial

Banana cakes 032
image via Becky Kimball


Hello, friends of Alison! I’m Betheny of The Apothecakery and I am SO, so excited and honored to be guest-posting this tutorial for you. I love Alison, she is the best! And I also love getting creative with cake, so I hope you’ll hop over and visit my blog! As for this mini layer cake tutorial, it’s super easy to do, and super impressive!

When I contacted Alison to beg her to let me be a part of Rad’s Banana Bash, she couldn’t have been more gracious. AND she knew EXACTLY what she wanted: which I LOVE. Her idea was to create these adorable little naked mini layer cakes, meaning no frosting on the sides, and have them all lined up on the dessert table to spell out “GO BANANAS”.

With lots of texting back and forth and lots of changing our minds, these mini layer cakes evolved into the PERFECT product. And really, that’s what cake decorating is all about; being open with your ideas and letting your creativity lead you.

Hop through for a mini layer cake tutorial:

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Rad’s First Birthday Party: Banana Bash


They’re here! They’re here! Mr. Rad’s Banana Bash birthday photos! But I wanted you guys to REALLY feel like part of the party, so I also had Modern Atelier come and film the bash! It’s too freaking cute.

For a first birthday party it is really about watching the baby eat the cake. Haha, so I had food for the adults and a few activities for Gigi’s friends, but all in all it was about mingling, eating and then seeing Mr. Rad shove a mini cake in his face.

There was a simple “Banana Gram” photo wall, the frozen banana “stand” and an activity table for the kids, but mostly they just ran around like crazies and played in Gigi’s toy room downstairs. For an older kid’s party I try to make it more about the kid, but the first birthday is SO FUN because it’s mostly whatever MAMA WANTS. Muhahahaha.

IMG_7799 IMG_7796

So I’m going to be doing a few more posts about the party! On Wednesday I’m going to share the AMAZING cake tutorial for the “GO BANANAS” mini cakes that were the brain child of me and Betheny from The Apothecakery. And then I’ll have another video about the kid’s table with some tips on setting one up, and another post with all the downloads for the party! So I mean WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF FUN!


The kid’s used their “Banana Bucks” or “Rad Cash” to buy a frozen banana, and they were SO into it, it was adorable. I mostly just made the bucks because I wanted to put Rad’s face on something, but the older ones, 4ish, thought it was too fun. Just something to keep in mind for your 4-6 year old crowd next time you need a party idea for them!

IMG_8065 IMG_7903

My men! Too cute, right? Even though April isn’t usually super cold in Provo, it ended up being a blustery and rainy day, so I was glad I had opted to move the party inside! This also meant removing all the furniture from our front room and renting tables and chairs. I know that seems intense, to do a rental order, but that’s because I AM INTENSE. And I was so glad to have all the seating and tables! I also rented the linens which is a nice upgrade from plastic tablecloths.


I was SO BUMMED because there was a mishap with my order and I thought some the party favors wouldn’t show up until right after the party! But in the middle of the bash the giant inflatable bananas I was OBSESSED with were delivered! I almost made out with the Fed-Ex lady I was so giddy. She was honestly terrified. It was funny because my little brother showed up at the same time she did, so he thought I was squealing and jumping because he had arrived. HAHAHA Poor Blake. I just put him to work blowing up giant bananas.

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 7.13.30 AM

Ginger was having SO MUCH fun with her friends at the party I hardly saw her! Haha. But obviously the kids LOVED smacking each other with the giant bananas.

See more!

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What We All Have In Common: Happy Mother’s Day


jammies c/o Nosilla Organics  print c/o Read Between the Lines

Recently I was asked to participate in a night of women reading essays about motherhood, called Listen to Your Mother.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I actually don’t talk a lot about motherhood. It’s because I don’t like to open myself up to the comments really. I open myself up a lot, in a lot of ways, and I have to draw some lines in this Internet sand! But it was interesting to me, to think, “If I had 5 minutes to tell every mom, one thing, what would I tell them?”

So I sat down, and I wrote this. And I wrote it for myself as much as I wrote it for anyone else. But I mean it with all my heart, and I wish each and every one of you moms a very happy Mother’s Day.

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