Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Rad Dads

I have a rad dad. I’ll share another Sister Minute featuring Dance Moves with Craig soon…BUT I wanted to show you guys what I got my dad this for Father’s Day this year, because even though it’s SOON (Sunday) you might need a last-minute gift idea.


My dad and I are both fans of the diet cola, and when we want a drink we say to each other, “Time for a TCO?!” Which means, let’s escape the family and hit 7-11 for a Tall Cool One.

That’s why I got him this galvanized drink tub! Haha it’s perfect for backyard lounging.

I also picked up some extra copies of my new favorite book, Bright Bazaar, and I gave my dad a copy of that too because my parents have been redoing some things in their home. I’m seriously obsessed with this book! I keep buying it for people! Haha and wrote like an ode to it on my babble blog.

Since Father’s Day is so soon I thought I’d try to share things you can get in your hot hands before the weekend if necessary! So the Bright Bazaar book is a good one especially if you have Prime shipping.

Another thing I think every man can have another pair of are Sperry’s.

And I was at a concert and saw this guy wearing these Pink Polo shoes and he looked SO HOT. Haha he was like 50 or so and Eric said it’s ok to say that. Silver FOX. A rad dad could totally sport those.

What do you guys like to give your dads? Or your husbands? I don’t know why they are hard to buy for but they are! Eric’s birthday AND my dad’s birthday are around Father’s Day every year so I get tapped out of manly gift ideas FAST. Plus guys are so hard to make things for. It’s so much easier to make an accessory or something for a woman.

This year I basically just bought a new backyard for Eric. Hahaha. Rose bushes, trellises, a hose hanging thing, so that might be a good idea for your man too! If he’s got a green thumb, or wishes he did.

Ok here’s to the rad dads! I’d totally love to hear your ideas too!


Fancy Living



You guys! I am SOOOO into being fancy these days. It is seriously my FAVORITE word. And pastime! Every now and again I can get Eric on board with my fancy visions, and this time I have REALLY sparked a flame. He is beautifying our backyard in FULL force!

We finally made the plunge and bought some backyard lounge gear! Man is patio stuff expensive! This set is from Ikea and it still adds up! But we have used it so so much, I’m glad we finally just ponied up.

backyardigans-4We’ve been busy planting flowers, the garden (corn, tomatillos, peppers, and tomatoes), some grapes and just today a rose bush!

And when I say “we” planted I mean ERIC, always Eric. I just stand around with my large diet soda and say things like, “I don’t want any damn pumpkins this year! Last year they assassinated my tomatoes!” And then I walk away to check my Instagram. Imagine a Miss Hannigan-like character, but with Diet Dr. Pepper instead of bathtub gin and that’s basically what I look like in the backyard.


Ginger has been LOVING it and she is really good at “helping” and by helping I mean carrying small plastic teacups of water back and forth from the bathroom to the backyard. I’m so busy relaxing on our outside couch that I seriously have NO idea what she’s doing with the water, or why she feels the need to transfer it teacup-full at a time all around the freaking neighborhood, I just know I’ve slipped on one too many wet linoleum spots from her spillage.

Like I said, I’m busy:


Rad loves being outside but has turned into QUITE the tyrant as of late. I’m not kidding. I keep telling people he turned into Godzilla overnight. He can’t talk, and he can’t walk, but whenever he sees something that he wants he just starts grunting and yelling with this insane brute like force! He points violently at what he wants until his confused and terrified mother figures it out. 9 out of 10 times he wants whatever drink I’m holding.

If it’s water I oblige. But if you let him have a sip he grabs the cup, then blows down the straw with ALL his tiny might until ice cold water comes bubbling out on everyone and everything. Then he let’s out a tiny Beevis and Butthead-like laugh, right before YELLING at you to let him do it again.

Yes. This is fancy living friends.

I’m pretty sure it’s EXACTLY what Beyonce’s life is like.

In other news I have been super inspired by color lately and I’ve been posting on my 30 Days of Awesome challenge religiously! Go me.


30 Days of Awesome with Alison

Check out my experiment on 30 Days of Awesome here.

I am currently feeling VERY unawesome.

And from here on out I’m pretty much declaring unawesome a word.

Back to my mental state. Bleh. It’s mostly due to extreme amounts of stress, anxiety and a lack of sleep due to all that crap. It is very much an internal unawesomeness, because externally, I SHOULDN’T be feeling this distressed.

Well, and that’s also the problem: I always feel super guilty for feeling as crazy as I do. Because, dammit Alison, everything is fine and you are just being indulgent with these panic attacks, hyperventilating, and what I think we can call keening?

But June is going to be A VERY BUSY month. And I need to pull it together.

I have agreed to plan and co-host six, yes six, events with BING all around the country!

Let’s be honest. It’s my DREAM JOB. I am honored, thrilled and overjoyed to be doing it. (You can see the dinners I’ve done for them here and here). Plus, they let me come up with the theme for these events and it is, are you ready?

“Search for Your Awesome” with Bing! I know, I’m a genius.

I’m also speaking about my “How to Be Awesome” series at the events. HA! Which is hysterical considering I was literally rocking back and forth like a mental patient not an hour ago.

So because I don’t have enough to do…or precisely because I’ve never been so busy in my life: I decided to add one more thing to my gilded platter.

I have come up a personal definition of awesome, a recipe for an Awesome Alison if you will. And I will be reporting on following it EVERY DAY in June. I am calling it:

30 Days of Awesome

I created a quiz that has me rate myself on a 1 to 5 for daily for tasks I have decided will make me feel awesome. I plan on reading the list once in the morning and once at night as I score myself.

Because it’s one thing to come up with good principles, like “Don’t poison your well!” Or “Avoid the Comparison Trap!

But it’s another thing entirely to figure out how to do them on a day-to-day basis to help improve ones general state of awesomeness.

Basically it’s like an experiment, or a diet of awesome. And like a diet, I wanted to be held accountable. Because let’s face it, my husband can only put up with so many panic attacks before he has no choice but to take me to a hospital and leave me there.

So join me! And let’s all hope for the best as I embark on 30 Days of Awesome. It will be business as usual on the homepage, so in order to see the series you need to go to:


or just click the link on the sidebar there.

Or click HERE!

Love you all, wish me luck. See you over there.


Sister Minute #3 The Only Thing You Should Say to a Pregnant Lady

Some dancing sisters, I believe Andrea was preggo but BARELY and I was still in the “cute bump” before “HOLY HELL YOU’RE HUGE” phase.

Are you guys pumped for another SISTER MINUTE!? (You can catch up on the first two Sister Minutes here!)

My sister and I both get large and in charge when we are with child. It’s super fun having people ask you if, “You sure you aren’t hiding twins in there?” Over, and over. No I’M SERIOUS. I got asked that ALL THE TIME.

Andrea and I have been pregnant at the same time…twice. Haha. And so we have discussed in length that there is really only ONE suitable thing to say to a pregnant lady. Ready? Let us know if you agree.

Also before I had kids, I started a series called:


Haha and when I was pregnant with Gigi, I did a version of:


You might enjoy it?

Also the best part about launching Sister Minute is that Andrea’s daughter Jo Jo and my lil girl Gigi run around saying, “SISTER MINUTE!” With the same dramatic inflection that we do in the video. They both started doing it without any prompting from us, and they live 2 states apart! Haha. It’s Sister Minute the second generation! And it’s terrifying.

Haha! Happy weekend friends!


The Alison Show Motivational Sugar Cookies


I LOVE LOVE LOVE making sugar cookies. Baking and crafting are ways that I relieve stress and anxiety. True, the cookies can cause some stress and anxiety from time to time (both for me and for my husband!) ha, but I’m usually in a pretty good mood when I’m making sugar cookies. They just make me so damn happy!

I had a lot of fun planning them out and working with Nicole Hill Gerulat, an amazing photographer who not only took these gorgeous photos but also helped me decide on the styling of these pictures!


There were SO many things we could have spelled out! It was hard to decide, but I opted to stick with universal messages I think everyone needs to hear. Yes, like:


And I really, really, do believe in this one:


And I hope YOU believe this one:


And you know I feel so strongly about this phrase that I have a whole series dedicated to it! Haha.


Whenever I post pictures of the sugar cookies I get asked lots of questions from my online friends! Usually it’s something vague like, “How do you do that!?” Haha! Let me assure you, if there were some sort simple shortcut to making fantastic sugar cookies, I’d share it!

I also get asked, “What’s your recipe?” A lot. And really I haven’t shared it yet because if I just gave you the recipe, you’d probably be frustrated and annoyed. Also I just recently PERFECTED it! And I don’t like to share things until they are perfect, and I can help YOU recreate them perfectly. Lots of stressful, high standards going on over here. Haha!

In my opinion sugar cookies and royal icing are an art form. So yes there are recipes and rules to follow, but so much of it is learning the art of using those recipes, and then interpreting them to create your own style!

That’s why I’m in the middle of developing an awesome online course for you guys.

To share the recipes I’ve perfected for myself, as well as my style of decorating sugar cookies with royal icing. I do them a bit differently than most of the big sugar cookie pros out there and I want to share it with the world. Haha. I keep going back and forth on details, so I don’t have any more at the moment, but if you know me you know I never do anything halfway.

But if you just can’t wait!! I shared this royal icing recipe a few years ago, but I’ve modified it some since then, though it’s still a great, easy recipe to start with. Also it uses egg whites, and holy crap if I have to hear one more person freak out about it, I will too! Haha. It’s safe! I have researched this SO SO SO much, and you can read the comments on the YouTube feed if you want to hear me go all cray-cray about it! Haha BUT I do have a recipe that I use with meringue powder, so fear not if you can’t get over it! Also spend some time at Bake at 350. She’s a genius! And has a good non-egg-white version of royal icing.

And if you want to see some of my other sugar cookies you can here too, but I make so many that I don’t post about! So I’m trying to be better about it.

So in the meantime, before I can share all my methods, I hope you enjoyed these letter cookies I made! I used this set of Alphabet cookie cutters and I plan on using them lots more.

I hope you’re week is a great one!

Happy everything,


Keep it crafty, Keep it sassy.