Gigi the Fairy Bird

A few weeks ago the cute twin sisters, Heather and Heidi, behind the Fairy Birds book asked if they could catch Gigi in action trying to be a little Fairy Bird. Fairy Birds are Fairy Godmother’s in training. Like, in case you didn’t know. Hahaha.

Gigi and I read the book, Fairy Birds, the night before our photo shoot, and she really got into the concept of earning her “givie feather” by doing nice things and “giving” to those around her. Even better than the feather were the wings she got to wear while she did these nice things! I loved brainstorming with Ginger about how she could give to those around her.

Ginger is only 3, so I haven’t really gotten into the concept of service much with her, past what she can do for ME. But I really loved having a way to start this–-what I hope will be–lifelong conversation about looking for ways to show love to those around us.

Obviously Gigi had the best ideas ever.

First she decided to make some “Gigi Donuts” for her friends. (I encouraged the use of the mini Gigis because I had some leftover from her party.)

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 3.22.52 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 11.35.22 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 3.25.13 PM

Try not to die from the sweetness.

Then she decided we could teach baby Rad how to crunch leaves.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 11.03.57 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 11.08.21 PM

Rad, of course, just tried to eat the leaves, but he almost exploded from sheer delight because his big sister gave him about 60 seconds of her attention. That’s about 10 times as much as he usually gets from her! Haha. Ugh. I can’t even talk about the way he gazes at her without starting to blubber. I caught her playing peek-a-boo with him when I left the room the other day and I actually started crying. I’m crying about it again now. I can’t stop THE CRYING.

Anyway. You can check out Gigi’s full spotlight on the Fairy Bird’s Blog!

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 11.17.47 PM

Thank you Heather and Heidi for creating an opportunity for my daughter and I to talk about something other than how many stuffed animals she gets to take into Target with us. And a HUGE thank you to Heather Hackney for the beautiful pictures of my babies.

Lots of Love!

Obsessed: Make your Day

make your day

Tis the season for DIYing! And right now I couldn’t be MORE excited or happier for the beautiful Chelsey Andrews aka The Paper Mama and Chelsea Costa aka Lovely Indeed for their bomb digital crafting book: Make Your Day.

The book has 20 DIY projects for crafters of all levels, plus THE most adorable illustrated instructions. But what I love most is how original and NOT pretentious this book is. It’s NOT just a bunch of glam pictures with re-hashed ideas styled really pretty. (Not to like, go on a tangent…) I can tell these gals worked really hard to create unique and easy-to-make projects that anyone can successfully recreate. And that’s not easy to do!

I know firsthand how much work goes into a project like this. And this book is AWESOME.

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 10.32.37 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 2.32.34 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 2.32.43 PM

So simple and perfect for any occasion. I know I’ll be using a few of these tutorials for myself and for gifts this year!

The book is only $12 and you should go get a copy here and support these talented hotties!

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 10.31.41 PM

I know how much each and every sale means to me when it comes to my book, we worked SO SO SO hard on it and will probably nowhere near make enough money to compensate for the time we spent on it (even though I didn’t do it just for money, duh). Actually, almost NO ONE makes money on books, so if you ever see a blogger or someone you love with a book I REALLY suggest supporting them. I always do. Haha. But anyway, I seriously get giddy whenever I see we sell one! So if you want to make their day, I seriously suggest supporting Make Your Day!

Lots of love!


Orange and Aqua Fall Baby Shower Ideas

thelittlecanopyHey! It’s part two of this fun three-part series with the very talented Chloe from The Little Canopy. Be sure to see part one: Twigs and Berries Dinner Party Inspiration.

Chloe is a Certified Wedding and Event Planner from the Wedding Planning Institute, and her blog is full of gorgeous DIY’s, but you can also hire to do your event! If you need that kind of thing.

I’m busy planning a Baby Shower for my good friend Heather’s first little girl, it’s going to be Paraisan, but I LOVE this mood board for an Orange and Aqua Baby Shower!

Take it away Chloe!

Who says baby showers are only suppose to be in baby pink and baby blue? Spice up your friend’s upcoming fall baby shower with this gender neutral orange and aqua theme baby shower! The pop orange and refreshing aqua is sure to be an energy booster for all the guests and the expecting mother.


Baby Polka Dot Banner / Baby Shower Invitation / 3D Whale Invitations & Favors / Elephant Cake Toppers / Pumpkin Baby Fabric Chandelier & Paper Pinwheel Wall / Orange Soda Pop / Cupcakes / Thank You Banner

I love ALL these fun ideas!

Thanks so much Chloe!

And for other Baby Shower Ideas check out my Beary Cute Baby Shower from a few months back.

My friend Tara just had her baby last week and he was 23″ long!!! Haha! Insane right? But his dad is like 6’7″. Haha.

Happy party planning!

DIY Pom Pom Gloves

DIY pom pom gloves
DIY Pom pom gloves
Last week to celebrate my birthday–I turned 30, baby–I created some packages to send to a few out-of-state friends. I basically sent them a party-in-a-box, to you know, celebrate me, Me, MEEEE!!!

I wanted a fun lil gift to put in the box (I’ll share it later) but I don’t have very much money at this current moment in time. Haha. Who ever does? Anyway, while I was checking out at Joanne’s I saw all these gloves in the $1 bin. So I grabbed a bunch of them and figured I’d think of something.

Then I thought, “Is there anything a teeny tiny pom pom doesn’t make cuter? ANYTHING? No, ok. Let’s do it.”

And I mean? Aren’t they cute? I think they’re so cute! And look way fancier than the $1 they cost to make. I got that black and white mug at Ikea and it’s like one or two dollars as well.

easy christmas gift
DIY pom pom gloves

I’m ALWAYS looking for fast, easy, and most importantly inexpensive gifts that I can make for friends. I love these lil glovies cause they are SO inexpensive, but they are also VERY light, which makes them a great gift to send to far away friends! Either on their own, or with a cute mug and and some yummy tea?


To make these suckers all you need is gloves, tiny pom poms, and a hot glue gun. But you need to use a HIGH temperature hot glue gun. Most glue sticks are universal, but make sure your glue gun is a HIGH temp gun (or has a high/low switch). The high temp makes the glue better withstand washing and will adhere the pom poms more permanently. You CAN use a low temp gun, but the gloves might not wash well. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

DIY Pom pom gloves

I just put a dot of glue on the pom pom, then smooshed it on the glove. But I always put the glove on my hand to make sure the placement looked good and to make sure that the glue didn’t bond the front of the glove to the back.

So basically, it’s like, SO EASY. A fun craft night craft too!


Look what a serious model I am. No, seriously.

Diy pom pom gloves
Diy pom pom gloves

SNORT SNORT. But really, I’ve started snorting when I laugh and I CANNOT stop. It’s worse when I’m tired.

Happy crafting!

photos by Heather Mildenstein

Make it Happen: Black and White Party Ideas

I think it’s pretty apparent I love me some good ol’ black and white in just about anything. Clothes, baked goods, parties, adorable babies…it’s basically the PERFECT color combo.

For my Babble post this week I rounded up some of my favorite party ideas using black and white.


Check out the whole checkerboard post here!

I’m in the midst of planning a baby shower for my good friend Heather! She’s having her first girl after two boys, and I can’t wait to spoil her rotten. I’m going to try really hard to break out of my black and white mold…but I feel myself already being pulled to it like a moth to the flame, or me to the soda fountain. The bond might just be too strong to break?

Either way, I love having a party to look forward to!

Happy weekend friends! I’ll be turning 30 on Sunday! WHAT?!


Keep it crafty, Keep it sassy.