My Fall Wardrobe

It’s sick how fun side-by-side photos are. Do you know what I mean? Like those “Who wore it best?!” photos, or photos where we show ourselves all huge looking sad, then all skinny looking happy? Well I wanted to show how some of my favorite Fall pieces look on a REAL person, me being that real person, so I whipped up some side-by-side pix for my newest Babble Post, the idea being: If I can wear it, you can wear it too.
Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 8.32.36 PM
Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 8.25.01 PM

Check out the sources for my favorite new goodies as well as more of those damn side-by-side photos


However, rarely do I just stand like a normal human and smile for the camera, so these shots were the best I could do. And most of them are from my phone because MY ENTIRE iPHOTO LIBRARY WILL NOT OPEN. It’s like getting serious. Anyone else ever have this problem?! I’m starting to panic. The pictures don’t exist anywhere else and the last 7 months aren’t backed up (Rad’s whole life!). GAH!

Here’s to Monday!


Last-Minute Halloween Costume

super spider kid

WHO’s ON MARTHA? I’M ON MARTHA! Well I’ve been on Martha Stewart’s website before, but this time they ASKED me for an idea, hired me to do it, and used it as the lead project! WHAT?! GO ME! Hahaha.


But seriously, how cute it Miss Gigi?! This is part of a series of Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids. I made Gigi’s Super Spider Kid costume using only things I had around the house. And of course, the beautiful Heather Mildenstein took the pictures!

I think this idea was pretty genius. If I do say so myself. And I do!

Of course they got the cute pix of Ginger smiling, but we all know this skeptical side-eye is much more her.

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 9.39.52 AM
Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 9.41.54 AM

Haha and this is me emotionally prepping the model for her big shoot. Which basically means I’m promising gum balls and a trip to the dollar store. Can we say PAGEANT MOM? I’m gonna have to find me some new models. Oh RAAAAAAAD…

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 9.43.33 AM

Ha! But there are lots of other cute ideas, as well as the full how-to for mine, so be sure to check it out!

Happy Haunting!


Fall Decor Crafts

Fall Crafts- Perfect for Halloween AND Thanksgiving
all image sources here

So I’ve been wanting to make so much crap lately, haha. I really love making little this and that’s to help my home feel festive, but at this point in October, I feel like the stuff I should make needs to transition well from Trick or Treat to Turkey Day. So I did a lil round-up of some good ideas, but I’ll probably come up with a few of my own in the near future.


If you want to get started on Thanksgiving stuff my acorns and THANKFUL bunting from last year are pretty cute…right? AND you know you love the Turkey T Stencil! An oldie but a goody.

Leather bunting: THANKFUL
Thankful Bunting

Chalkboard Acorns
Chalkboard Acorns

Turkey T Stencil
DIY Turkey T

Any good Thanksgiving ones you want to tell me about it?! You know I’m always looking for goodies to feature on my babble blog, so NEVER hesitate to share!


Martha Stewart, as usual, is right

People keep asking me what I think about this. I don’t really like to REACT, I like to have all the attention, ME ME ME, but I do have an opinion and it’s pretty simple:

Basically Martha Stewart says bloggers are not experts.

Well guess what, she’s right.

Most bloggers aren’t experts. And that’s what makes us appealing to the everyday person. But I for one, when I want to learn, I go to an expert. So when I wanted to learn about watercolor, did I read a book and then get on my blog and act like I knew what I was teaching you? Nope. I hired a fantastic water color artist to come and share a skill I was interested in.

But I share recipes! I’m teaching a sugar cookie class for heaven’s sake! Am I an expert? Well, I have 6 years of experience, I’ve read at least 5 books on the subject and made hundreds of cookies. Am I a professional? Not really. Could I be? Maybe. Am I an expert? I don’t know. I know I’m an expert at doing them how I do them. So there you go. People want to know how I do them, so I’m teaching a class.

I think that’s how it is with most bloggers. Are we culinary, craft, or any other type of EXPERT? Not usually. But we’re experts at being ourselves, and that’s what we are sharing.

Boo hoo. Martha said bloggers aren’t experts. She didn’t say, “Bloggers are frauds.” She probably should have said, “ALL bloggers are not experts.” Or something like that, but whatever.

What really gets my goat are all the comments I see throwing jail time back in Martha’s face. Or the name calling. Apparently we are in 5th grade.

Ok she did jail time, but she kept her brand and business afloat afterwards, served her time, and was publicly humiliated. So, um, why do we have to keep bringing it up? Should we keep brining up the mistakes I’ve made in my life every time I say something that upsets someone? GAH. I hope not.

Today I’m turning in a piece on a last-minute Halloween costumes for the digital editors at Martha Stewart. And I am happy to do it. I’ve worked with them, they’ve treated me well, they have been gracious and courteous, and frankly, treated me with more respect than 90% of the brands who I have come in contact with. Firsthand, as a blogger who works with Martha Stewart and her minions, I am not one bit offended nor will I cease working with them.

So, there are my thoughts.

Let’s all just be nice. Martha is like, 72 years old. She built an empire, and probably has people telling her all day to take pointers from these bloggers, who in a large part are riding the wave of a trend she started. I’m not going to take it personally if she got a bit annoyed and doesn’t think we’re all experts.

let’s just all keep on keeping on!


Fall Fashion Tips from a Professional Stylist

I love getting older (I’m 30 next month!). All of my college friends are becoming like these legit professionals now, and it’s SUPER beneficial for me. MUHAHAHA. But seriously. Like my friend Lindsey Shores, who is now my neighbor and a legit stylist!

Lindsey and I got together the other week and she pulled some fun Fall looks for me. I loved what she did SO much, and I asked her to break down her choices into bite sized chunks so us mere mortals could swallow them.

So over on my Babble Blog you can see Lindsey’s

Fall Fashion Tips From a Professional Stylist

And here are some previews!

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 12.40.23 PM

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 2.08.13 PM

I wore this dress for family pictures yesterday, don’t get sick of it…you’ll see a lot more of it! Mama ain’t made o money!

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 2.08.32 PM

Ah yes, and here’s a look at the seedy underbelly of photo shoot, the parents looking at pictures of themselves as the child is neglected…

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 2.08.52 PM

But see this child will only get in a picture if you pretend to neglect her…

And see here is Eric doing what he LOVES doing most for me…(not) GETTIN’ THAT PICTURE FOR THE GRAM!

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 2.15.37 PM
All outfits and photos taken and styled by Lindsey Shores

Be sure to hop over to see all of Lindsey’s tips!

Thank you so much Lindsey! Be sure to check out Lindsey’s professional site here, and her fashion blog here. Or follow her on instagram @itsmelinztron

Now go get yo’ style on.


Keep it crafty, Keep it sassy.