Obsessed: Booksee Shelf from Ubabub

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 9.55.07 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 9.55.14 PM

SERIOUSLY???? How amazing is this Booksee Shelf from Ubabub?! It’s like the type of thing that makes you go, “Why didn’t anyone think of that before?!” I want them for Ginger’s room, my living room, my room, Rad’s room, my office…

BUT I still need chairs for our new dining room table my dad built us. So one thing at a time. Sigh.

Still, I just had to share them because I was excited about them. And when I get excited I’m like a small child who needs to scream every thought in their head.

Happy Monday.


Adorable and Modern Kid’s Backpacks


for backpack sources head to my babble blog

I had so much fun scouring the web for the cutest kids backpacks! There are some you can buy and some you can DIY, and some you can just stare at and wish you could afford. Hahaha! I will probably end up making one for Gigi for preschool. Her backpack has to be able to fit full size folders and papers, but I still want it to be somewhat toddler size. I’m loving the square-shape options! Maybe I just need to make one for myself! Poor Gigi.

I’m pretty beat from this week. I’m looking forward to a weekend of catching up on my “stories” as my Grandma calls them. Right now that includes: Master Chef, Capture, Inked Master and America’s Next Top Model. I’m not quite sure what that says about me…probably nothing good. But this mama needs her veg time! What are you watching these days? I’m toying with the idea of diving into all seven or eight seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. You know, something to snuggle up with as these summer nights turn into fall. Thoughts?

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.


Marilyn’s Book themed 60th birthday party

At the very last minute, while driving down to San Diego for my mom’s 60th birthday party, I decided we needed a photographer. And even though I’m originally from San Diego, no one came to mind! So I put a hit out on Instagram, and Jill, just an IG friend, immediately recommended her cousin. Like within minutes. I checked out her stuff, and had Heather (my usual photographer) approve, and hoped for the best. AND MAN, DID I HIT THE JACKPOT!

Emily Riley of Taplin Photo made all of my dreams come true. Jill (her cousin) described her as “bubbly and blonde, and kind of like you!” Haha! But it is a real talent as a photographer to be able to capture people, table designs, details AND to be a complete joy while doing it. Just to be clear, we paid Emily! Ha, this was not for trade. I’m just seriously so happy with the pictures I could burst.

So we’ll start off today with the party details from the book themed 60th birthday party I threw for my mama! I hope to share the actual party pictures next week!

book themed 60th birthday party
honeycomb garland

Are you pumped yet? Well wait for it…cause here’s the doozy:

book themed 60th birthday party

ARE WE SERIOUS?! I contacted Hey, There Cupcake! (the maker of this INSANE cake!) on the recommendation of my friend and wedding planner Heather Balliet. Stevi, the owner, designed this after I loosely told her the theme of the party. She really hit the nail on the head.

ALL of it is edible, and she put the titles of Marilyn’s favorite books on the cake! Including the book my mom authored, “Back to the Best Books.

book themed 60th birthday party

For the flowers Stevi printed pages from “Pride and Prejudice” another one of my mom’s favorites, onto rice paper. The cake was as yummy as it was beautiful.

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 12.25.02 AM
book themed 60th birthday party

book themed 60th birthday party

book themed 60th birthday party

I used these little book page vases at all of the tables paired with carnations, I’ll share a tutorial for those next week. But here are the little centerpieces I did for the tables.

book themed 60th birthday party
book themed 60th birthday party

I used my little vases made from water bottles, books from my mom’s library, wood slices from my parent’s yard, and also some paper mache books I found at Michael’s and painted. Paired with the carnations, these were very inexpensive centerpieces.

My brother actually got this next shot. But it shows my beautiful mom in all of her birthday glory!


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Cookies for my Podiatrist

foot sugar cookies

I’ve been knee-deep in family fun time the past two weeks! I JUST got back from San Diego where I got to see my new nephew and throw a fun party for my mom’s 60th birthday!

But sometime between the two family vacays with two tiny children who require two tons of crap…I made some cookies for a podiatrist.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I had to get my toenail removed. Ewwww. But why did I make the podiatrist cookies? That’s a really good question. I’m not like a super nice person or anything like that. I don’t make cookies for all my doctors visits! But this doctor cut me a really big break in a very bad toenail situation, and for some reason I could not get the thought out of my head that I should make him some sugar cookies.

But I felt really odd and stupid making him sugar cookies. Was he totally going to think I was hitting on him with my sweet treats? Ha.

But then I remembered this thing this guy I dated once said, he told me, “I’ve decided that when I get the idea to do something nice for someone, I’m just going to do it and not feel stupid or self-conscious about it.”

And I loved that SO MUCH. Because so many times we think of doing something thoughtful, but don’t because we worry about how the other person might interpret it. But at the end of the day, cookies are cookies! And have you ever been mad at someone for making you cookies? So I figured, let the podiatrist think I’m insane, he did me a solid, and I had the feeling I should thank him, and baking creepy cookies is how I thank people who really deserve thanking.

So, how did the doctor like them? I HAVE NO IDEA. I was too embarrassed to deliver them and made Eric do it.


Baby steps.

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 12.52.53 AM
Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 12.41.46 AM Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 12.42.33 AM

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 12.38.42 AM

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 12.38.20 AM

I plan on doing a full blown Sugar Cookie post soon with all the of questions I get asked about baking sugar cookies and royal icing! Hold on to your toenails, it’s gonna be good. But until then you can check out my “Bake It” section for the other cookies I’ve made!

Lots of love and creepy cookies,


**UPDATE** Haha they called and said they loved them and quote “appreciated having patients like me.” Gold STARS!!!

How to make vases from plastic water bottles

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 11.40.10 PM
Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 11.41.50 PM
This month’s box of craft supplies from Martha Stewart (for my 12 months of Martha challenge) could not have come at a better time!

This past weekend I helped my dad plan (meaning I planned he payed!) a fabulous book-themed 60th birthday party for my beautiful mama. So leading up to the party I, of course, got a wee bit crafty. This month’s box of supplies included Martha’s new decoupage line, and it truly is fantastic. I used the multi-surface durable gloss decoupage as well as some of MS acrylic paint, to create these little bud vases.

My mom is an avid reader and published author, so I used some sacrificial pages to carry the theme onto the vases.

vases from water bottles

To make the vases I used People Water bottles. They have a gorgeous shape and donate water to people who need it when you buy their water. So, bonus!

I prepped the bottles by drinking the water, GULP, peeling off the sticker, and using a kitchen knife to cut off the top. You could use scissors too. I didn’t stress out about getting it PERFECTLY even, just do your best.

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 11.38.17 PM

To paint the bottles I mixed one part acrylic paint with 3 parts multi-surface durable gloss decoupage. I painted two coats, and let the coats dry each time. But if you wanted the finish more opaque you could paint more coats.

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 11.39.14 PM

I LOVE that carnations (the flowers shown here) are back in style, they are so Gatsby and glam. When I took a floral design class in college our professor said they were cheap and tacky, and out-of-fashion. However, I started kind of loving them a while back and then I saw them in an issue of Martha Stewart Living and knew that was basically like their invitaion to the cool kid’s lunch table. Carnations are VERY inexpensive and durable. I bought these suckers at Cost-co.

To arrange them I used “wet floral foam” or oasis foam. You can buy a block of it for $4. You soak the foam overnight, or for a while, then you slice it up with a knife so it fits in the vase. This makes it super easy to arrange the flowers.

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 11.39.38 PM

And there you have it! I decoupaged book pages and then used washi-tape for some more pizazz. But you could decoupage tissue paper, old photos, glitter, oh man, the sky is the limit! You could also paint table numbers on there for a wedding or something.

This is an insanely inexpensive table center piece that doesn’t look cheap. Or at least I don’t think it does. Ha!


Happy crafting!


Keep it crafty, Keep it sassy.