Search for your awesome party: Denver

Awesome party ideas Denver
Awesome party ideas Denver
Awesome party ideas Denver Awesome party ideas Denver
Awesome party ideas Denver
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Awesome party ideas Denver
.awesomewithbing.denver2014-199Awesome party ideas Denver
Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 9.33.37 PMAwesome party ideas Denver

Ok! Here is party #3 in Denver!! It’s so fun seeing all the beautiful details again from the Search For Your Awesome parties! If you need a recap of what these parties are, check out the first bash we did in Seattle! Or see all of the Awesome with Bing parties here!

Miss Melanie new-mama Blodgett from You Are My Fave KNOWS HOW TO PARTY. She was in charge of the decor and the fun events that made the night such a smash!

We started with dinner in an amazing garage space, and we were served the yummiest mexican food from a food truck that parked in the beautiful venue. Then right before the workshop portion, Melanie had ice cream delivered! And while we crafted an illustrator created each guest a portrait. I KNOW. It didn’t suck.

We mixed, we drank, we mingled, and then we headed inside for a FUN FUN FUN night of crafting with Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave who taught us how to do her beautiful wall weavings! I’ve been a fan of Rachel’s for YEARS so I was pretty excited to get to work with her. She’s so humble and sweet, even though she’s like a really big deal, haha, so that was an extra special treat.

There were so many fun elements to the party! And I’m gonna walk you through them all! But first! Another beautiful video from Modern Atelier! Click to see more!

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Search for Your Awesome Party: SLC

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Holy crap! I could not be happier with how this event turned out! Unlike the four other “Search for Your Awesome” events, this one was entirely in MY CONTROL! So obviously, it brought together every dream element and person I’ve ever wanted for a party!

And there’s a video of it too!

This part of the “Search for Your Awesome tour” (read more about that here), was connected to the blogging conference that Bing helps sponsors called Alt Summit. Traditionally the sponsors can host a dinner for 50 people the night before the conference. In the past I have designed two dinners for Microsoft, a fun sparkly one here, and the “Be Brave” dinner.

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Search for Your Awesome Party: Seattle


BingBeAwesomeSeattle076 Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 2.31.55 PM Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 2.32.17 PM


I am so so so SO excited to FINALLY share with you guys ALL of the events I did with Bing!

To recap, in June I did a “Search for Your Awesome” tour with Bing in 6 cities! It was based on my How to Be Awesome Series. In each city I acted as the creative director, or events producer if you will. Meaning I helped execute the concept and coordinate the events and flow of the parties! In each city I partnered with one or two local bloggers to host the event. It was super fun because each blogger did such a fun twist on the “Search for Your Awesome” concept.

Four of the parties were what we called “Maker’s Workshops.” (Then one party was at a blogging conference and one was a dance party). At the makers workshops Bing invited 20 or so influencers (bloggers, photographers, shop owners) and we learned a skill and I spoke about BEING AWESOME. Hahaha.

The parties were a way for Bing to reach out to some awesome people, doing awesome things, and share some of the cool things Bing has like OneDrive and Bing Rewards.

In each city I partnered with one or two local bloggers to host the event. In Seattle I worked with the lovely Cassandra from Coco+Kelley. Cassandra is a super classy, understated gal, so it was fun working with someone on the opposite side of the spectrum! Hahaha. Cassandra is known for her gorgeous dinner parties, so she taught us all how to style a table top.

For each of these parties I’m going to go through and share some party planning tips and thoughts that you can hopefully implement at your next birthday bash, baby shower, or life event that might normally cause you stress when planning.

Before we get into it! The OTHER good news is: Modern Atelier did a FABULOUS video of each party! So you can really get the feel of it! Click through to watch it!

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Sister Minute!!! #4 & #5

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Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 9.16.23 PM
Sisters being sisters in a field circa 2011.

I have so much fun editing these Sister Minutes! I’m only just ever really confused at my outfit choices for them. I’ve been in a weird transitional phase, which is basically the “old clothes don’t fit, the season has changed, clothes that fit I hate, I only want new clothes” phase. You know that one? Anyway here are two more! Or if you want to see the other ones here you go.

In this one we tell you ALL about how we’re sisters! And we ALMOST get in a sister fight, but not a real one. Hahaha.

And in this one we share some CRUCIAL lessons we’ve learned from the movie Clueless. And I’ve always said that I can easily work at least one Clueless quote into conversation, every, single day.

What about you guys?! Do you have any valuable life lessons Cher taught you?!

Ok! I hope you’re having a happy week. I’ve been feeling fairly depleted, like I don’t have much to share or say lately. But that usually happens right before I bombard you with lots of thoughts and feelings. Hahaha.

Love you all!


How to Be Awesome Part 7: If You Want to See Different Results, Do Things Differently


Thanks Melanie for the cute lettering!

GAH! I have been wanting to post this part FOREVER! This is PART 7 in my How to Be Awesome series, and I love it: If You Want to See Different Results Do Things Differently!

Easier said than done though, right?!

And if you’re not sure what the “How to Be Awesome” series, is, it’s basically me, telling myself what I need to hear to help me feel more awesome. THAT’S IT!

But in this video I talk about some things that have happened to me since I started doing the series, and why I started doing this whole thing in the first place!

Also, in this video I give lots more details on my “Search For Your Awesome” events that I did with Bing too, so if you’ve been wanting the whole story on that! HERE YOU GO! Basically I come to many life conclusions and the purpose of my existence, so I mean, it’s good stuff.

Get caught up on all the How to Be Awesome videos here.

By the time I record the video, edit the video, post the video, do all the YouTube stuff, link everything that needs linking and then write the damn blog post to promote the video…I feel a tad spent. So excuse me if the post is brief! I put everything in…you guessed it…the video. So I sincerely hope you get a chance to watch it, respond to it, or that if helps/motivates/inspires you in some way!

AND AS ALWAYS I’d love to hear if this inspires you to try something different? Maybe something you’ve been putting off? Or if it helped you realized a situation where you’ve THOUGHT you’ve been doing things differently but you weren’t? I think that was the boat I was in. I thought I was switching things up…but not REALLY. Know what I mean? You guys always have tons more insight!

In other news I have a new ALISON SHOW TEAM!!! in place, helping me get content posted for the future! Like all the parties I did with Bing and some other fun stuff! So things are LOOKING UP around here! Thank you all so much for your insightful and thoughtful comments on my last post (about blogging in general). I didn’t get a chance to respond to as many comments as I like to, but I wanted you to know I loved and read, and re-read them all. Thank you!

Here’s to trying to make it another day without a complete and total mental breakdown! WE CAN ALL DO IT!



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