Well right about the time my doorman stops bullying me about having my keys out and ready before he’ll open the door for me (honestly, out and ready even though HE PUSHES A BUTTON TO OPEN THE SLIDING GLASS DOOR), and the locals are just starting to get used to my blonde presence, is about the time I will be making my grand exit from Philly.

We only have two or so weeks left in this fine city, and I’m sorry that you’ve hardly heard a word about them. Frankly there was no way to foresee that my lack of schedule would equate to a lack of blogging. But lately I haven’t been able to sleep at night because my mind races with ideas and thoughts and all sorts of things that I want to wake up Eric to chat about, but I’ve found, shockingly enough, he’s not that interested in what I have to say at 3 a.m. Or at least he can’t fake it as well as he usually does during the daylight hours.

I’m not entirely sure why I need to share ALL THE TIME, but, I think blogging helps me sleep better at night so I really am quite excited to get back into the swing of things.

I’ve learned a lot out here on the east coast. For starters, I’ve learned that you should never underestimate the power of a DVR. DVR’s are the devil’s candy. And apparently I have too much of a sweet tooth to have one. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t watch HOURS of television. But I just used to watch almost none. So the contrast has been startling. It’s really easy to get pulled into shows because you don’t have to actually remember a specific time or day to sit down in front of your 12″ TV, all you have to do is squint your eyes at the tiny screen and push a little button that says “Season Pass” and BOOM! You’ve just committed 12 hours of your life to finding out who the Next Food Network Star is, or just WHO THINKS THEY CAN DANCE! It’s awful.

I’ve also learned that Eric and I are capable of spending countless hours together without getting sick of one another. In fact, one reason I haven’t been blogging as much is because I really don’t have that much alone time any more. Eric was gone a ton in the beginning of the summer, but the last two months he’s been by my side all day. Just now he’s trying to distract me and divert my attention by singing a song from a YouTube video we can’t stop quoting. “These shoes suck…”

I can honestly say that I was not fishing for compliments in my last post. Though I will admit I’m the hook line and sinker sort, but I was really very flattered and appreciative of all the loving things some of you had to say. Thanks for having this online relationship with me. I’ve had my fill of this MoTown Philly, and I’m ready to say WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM and be done with her.

So what I’m trying to say people, is whether or not you want me: I’m all yours.


This girl

She used to be a blogger.

Remember when I used to blog?

Remember when I used to post almost everyday, and at the very least every week?

Remember how I used to exercise my brain and my vocabulary? And get paid to share my overflowing feelings with you all because I would blog on company time? Remember when I used to get paychecks? Sob.

I have a vague recollection of these events. Though they are clouded with endless episodes of “Chopped” and the coming of the Hot Tamale Train on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

I’m pretty sure I used to be mildly funny, or at least amuse myself. Those were the glory days of SheBlogs SheBlogs. When I could use the word “hundreds” to describe the breadth of my readers.

I guess the problem with the blog is I’ve never really had a hook. You know, a spiel. Most blogs need a good spiel. I guess I could just get pregnant. That would probably give me something to write about. But then I’d have to actually have a baby yeah?

You know who thought of a good shtick? That chick Julie Powell who wrote the blog about making all of Julia Child’s recipes. That’s a good shtick. In fact, so good that she got a book and movie deal out of it. After seeing the previews for the movie I was so excited I felt compelled to buy and read the book! I figured books are usually better than the movie anyway. But let me save you $9 and 300+ pages…wait for the movie. Or better yet, buy a Joan Didion book. Because if you want poignant female non-fiction, she’s a much better bet.

Anyway. I don’t want a one of you to think I’ve given up on my world message of love. Or writing for that matter. I think I just got disillusioned for a while about blogging. I mean, I don’t have a book or a movie deal, so why bother? Then again, perhaps I could get one if I had the shtick. So, please, do write in with your suggestions. That is of course if you’re all still there.





I love you. You are perfect just the way you are. You don’t need to be anything more or less. Well, that’s what Bridget my yoga instructor says, right before giving me a foot massage. And I think you should believe anyone who will give you a foot massage.

I’ll be in San Diego for the week. A land devoid of Dunkin Donuts on every corner and littered with beautiful people.

Keep on keepin on lover.



She’s a feature!

Well aren’t you all just the little twitter bugs! Or anti-twitter bugs! Thanks for all your feedback. I do see some things in a new light…though I’m not about to join. However, I think the most convincing argument for Twitter came from my brother Kirk:

The Daily Kirk said…

I think you need to accept we are heading towards the singularity. What is that you ask? It is the moment when humans and machines meld into one form giving us access to any and all information instantly. But on our way there we have to do things like have on-line representations of ourselves (facebook) and the ability to say anything we want to anyone instantly anywhere in the world (twitter). The difference between twitter and texting is minute. But it is fine. Fight the future all you want. We human/robots will have no mercy on you when the singularity comes.

So thanks Kirk. I’m still not on board but I feel more prepared for the inevitable takeover of my mere mortal body.

Moving on! A fabulous little blogger babe, and regular commenter and reader of SheBlogs SheBlogs named Katie, did an interview with me for her blog this week.


If you find the idea of me being interviewed at all interesting you can check it out on her blog: KC’s Masterpiece. She asked me a few a questions and I asked her a few. If you’re not into reading the interview, at least head over for the little clip art that Katie whipped up.

I hope you all had a nice cathartic experience watching Michael Jackson: The Memorial yesterday. I cried through most of it. It seriously was touching. But I do realize I’m perhaps one of the only people who had the luxury to watch it live in the middle of a work day.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy though! I’ve been HORRIBLY busy lately. I’ve been a) mourning the King of Pop b) making myself a yoga bag and c) working on becoming the poster child for skin cancer at the pool. I also recently whipped up a batch of these…

Now if only I could think up a way to pay some sort of edible homage to Michael.

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful day!



She has something to say about Twitter.

I have a few snotty opinions about certain things that I try to keep to myself. Mostly because I know that by sharing them the only thing I’d be doing is either pissing people off or making people feel stupid. And I don’t want to do either of those things.

I have a few opinions about Facebook, but I know to bring them up is to denounce literally EVERYONE in the world and not only their mother, but their grandmother. So instead of one of my usual diatribes, I’ll just say the reason I’m not on Facebook is because “I DON’T WANT TO KNOW.” Whatever it is you learn on Facebook, I don’t want to know. I personally feel that I can instead learn about whatever it is through a plethora of other mediums such as: phone, text, email, snail mail or GASP direct human contact. Do I miss out on party invites, requests and other updates? Yes, I do. But I also figure if you really like me you’ll send me a damn text.

But even though I don’t partake in Facebook, I can see the benefits and nice things about Facebook that have hooked so many. And it’s not like I don’t occasionally hop on a friends account to see a picture or two. I don’t think it’s inherently evil. Facebook will probably soon self-destruct anyway. But as for now, my brain just can’t handle the overload.

So even though I can get over Facebook, the one thing I cannot get over is Twitter.

Do you people Twitter? Do you Tweet? Are you a Tweeter?

I remember vaguely being introduced to Twitter years ago and thinking, “Who would ever do that!? This will never catch on.”

Unfortunately I was as wrong about Twitter never catching on as I was about overalls coming back in style. I’m still not ready to let go of my overalls and I’m still not ready to accept Twitter as a legit past time.

I participate in one of the most self-indulgent, narcissistic past-times a human can join in on (blogging) and I STILL can’t understand the appeal of twitter!

TO CONSTANTLY UPDATE PEOPLE WITH THE MUNDANE DETAILS OF YOUR EVERY MOVE? It’s just beyond me. Even if you’re a person who is as amazing as Johnny Depp, I still don’t see the value of following your every move.

One major reason I think Twitter has caught on is because it’s the one social medium that the baby boomers and 30+ crowd aren’t behind on. So they’ve latched onto it like it’s Botox in a bottle.

Do you know how many meetings I had to sit through at the Advertising Agency where I used to work and listen to my 50-something bosses talk about Twitter like they were in the know? We had informational meetings about Twitter. My 50ish year-old boss wrote an entire script with references to Tweeting for a client.

And you see it everywhere in the media now. Reality show judges, Radio DJ’s, basically all the old people still trying to make it in pop culture, reference their tweets with this sad sense of hipness.

I know a ton of celebrities and bloggers and even politicians tweet and I’m not even on Twitter, it’s info picked up from references. But are you wonderful salt-of-the-earth people tweeting? Or following these tweets? Is it really that interesting? Do you think it’s useful? I’m ready to hear someone defend Twitter or tell me the utility of it, because I’m continouslly baffled.

Everyone is allowed their indulgences, their guilty pleasures. I’m not claiming I only watch the History Channel and read the classics.

But Twitter? Come on. I feel like it’s just one more way to establish a false sense of intimacy. And this false sense of knowing others, of being connected to them through superficial carefully scripted blurbs just enables us to become more detached and misdirected.

Then again, maybe I’m just mad because a Tweet is like a teeny tiny, tiny blog post. And that just really pushes my buttons.

I think I’m turning into a cranky old lady. Maybe I should just put on my overalls and move to a ranch in Montana. But I sure as hell won’t be tweeting about it.

Alright. Tell me why I’m wrong.



She has ANOTHER blog.

Hi. It’s me, Alison.

I’m just putting up a quick post to let you know that I am now going to be writing regularly on my OTHER blog, SheMakes SheMakes.

I will still be posting on THIS blog too, but on SheMakes SheMakes I will be posting all of the crap I make. I am also just about ready to launch my Etsy paper goods store, which is obviously called, “Sprinkles the Pony.” Which I think for starters will mostly be prints and stationary. Soon the world, like you, will know the wonder of that little Pony named Sprinkles.

So, in case you had not noticed the large orange button on the right side of this blog that links you to SheMakes SheMakes, here’s your heads up.

I love you all.



Keep it crafty, Keep it sassy.