She’s outta here!

Eric and I are going on a cruise! PAAAARRRRTTTYYY!

The only negative side of that is I be gone over my birthday, which is Tuesday November 10th, which means all of the THOUSANDS of people who would like to wish me a happy birthday will not be able to.

Please, please, no tears. I just couldn’t handle that.

But I will be turning 26, so I’m going to be needing at least 26 comments by the time I get back to make my feel good about myself.




She’s ready to KICK some…

Ok, I know I talk about sports like….NEVER, but my brother is marrying a crazy awesome soccer player, Megan Kakadelas, and her little sister Kelsea, is amazing as well and plays for BYU. Yesterday, while I was at work, my brother Evan, his beautiful fiance Megan and some other family went to watch Kelsea’s soccer game against New Mexico. Last night the game was featured on ESPN…WHY?


I’m so glad I was not at this game! I would have gone MENTAL with rage! The girl who gets her hair pulled goes to church with me and is the sweetest girl in the world! Anyway, I just want everyone to know how horrible this Elizabeth´╗┐ Lambert is, and how she should probably be shot. Sorry Lizzie’s parent’s you probably tried your hardest. You just failed MISERABLY.

We don’t usually hate on this blog. But there is for sure NO LOVE. Except for those BYU soccer players! This is how the classy cougars responded:

GO COUGARS. And yes, they won.



She’s taking everyone down with her!

This is the second time I’ve written this post. The first time I was all apologetic about me posting pictures as myself as Lady Gaga, and how Halloween has passed, blah blah blah. But I’m rewriting this post and I’ve come to an executive decision.


So forget Gaga, here’s Lady Alison….and a whole lot of other really embarassing costumes. Enjoy.

Eric was Coach, yes Craig T. Nelson…I called it a cop out costume. Who knew that Coach and Lady Gaga would ever be seen together?

We had a hopping married people dance party. And truth be told, it really did make me happy to be wearing that much face makeup. I don’t care what they say. I love me some Gaga.

My sister, Andrea, and her husband, Brian. Brian was just getting over the swine, but I think he makes a mighty fine Woody.

Sam and Roxanne (who I have a serious crush on) as Bonny and Clyde. Very authentic.

Klint and Mary NEVER EVER disappoint.

And here we’ve got Bryce and Beth as the Witch and the Wardrobe, unfortunately it was past the Lion’s (their adorable baby Smith) bedtime.

The ever hip Emily and Chase, making a statement and LOOKING cool!

Sacrificing comfort and their lungs, Myron and Maggie never do anything half-a. And I RESPECT that.

Jefferson and Abby, just a couple of dinosaurs trying to make it in the wrong eon.

And vying for “dorkiest while still looking really attractive” are Kimmy and Chris. As Count Dorkula and his lady friend.

Here we’ve got an amazing family costume. Heather as Oxy Clean, Justin as the late Billy Mays, may he RIP, and their baby Atticus as a scrub brush! AMAZING huh!

Mikey and Mandy always look cool!

And for one of my PERSONAL favorites, Eddie and Bree as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

Unfortunately the fog machine got a little out of control! But here we have the newlyweds Adrienne and Jared as…you guessed it…Stephen Hawking and his greatest work “A Brief History of Time.”

Get it! A BRIEF! Like her BRIEFS! I swear, these two are too smart for their own good.

Ok, there were many others. But the pictures were not the best. I love you all, and if I took you down with me, know that I did it out of love.

Who would you have voted as best dressed?



She feels better.

I got a little down today. No real reason other than I get down from time to time. I got home from work, feeling particularly down, and I saw that Eric was not home. This left me with a couple of options.

I could:

a) be a good wife and do the laundry so I’d have underwear for tomorrow

b) be a sweet wife and get some groceries so we’d have food to eat that doesn’t rhyme with Tel Daco…


c) be a bad wife and grab my Diet Coke accessorized with my Maverik Halloween collector’s curly-q eyeball straw…and go to the mall

I NEVER go to the mall. I know you probably think I’m lying but I’m serious. I never EVER go to the mall these days unless I have to buy a bridal shower gift and need to hit up Vicki’s. I don’t buy new clothes, and I certainly don’t have any sort of idea what’s new and hip for fall let alone winter. No I’m not destitute, and I know I have so much compared to so many, but let’s just say that life after marriage includes a lot, I mean a lot, less shopping.

So what did I do? I chose option c. I got in my car. And I went to the mall. I shopped and I browsed, and then, yes then, I purchased. And you know what.


I bounced out of that mall with a little extra pep in my step and a twinkle in my eye. And it wasn’t temporary. No, tomorrow morning when I get up and get dressed, I will have something ADORABLE to put on. Then I will wear it for the next three days and I will love every damn minute of it. I will, however, not have any clean underwear or food to eat. But I will still be OH SO HAPPY!

I wish buying new clothes, I bought two items, didn’t make me feel so good, but it really did. And the whole reason I’m sharing this is to say, get out there and do something that makes you feel good. I hope you’re not as shallow as me, but if you are, well, welcome to the party!

I love you all. I hope this week totally rocks! What are you being for Halloween!?

I, of course, am being Lady Gaga.



She’s appalled.

So I’m sitting here, as we speak, enjoying my morning dose of The Price is Right. It’s helping me get ready for the day and putting a smile on my face.

PLEASE HOLD KEVIN IS ABOUT TO PLAY PLINKO!! THEY NEVER PLAY PLINKO! 3 CHIPS. $100, then $1,000 and yes, yes, now KEVIN WON $10,000!!!

OK, so anyway, right after Jeffery DIDN’T win a Jeep, the show, as it is wont to do, went to commercial. And this commercial came on:

Have you seen this commercial? The Luvs Hippie Baby Commercial. Where a “Luvs Van” pulls up to a Woodstock-like setting full of babies in diapers?

WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? Some sixties throwback creeper? Honestly, I have written my share of odd and some might even say ill conceived comercials. But I have never committed the heinous crime of putting a hemp headband on a baby.

In the commercial the baby hippies are even protesting! They have little signs that say, “No more leaky diapers!” The babies are crowd surfing and swaying to music.

Now I’m not some huge perv, but of course with all this Woodstock hoopla the next association is that the baby hippies are romping around dropping acid and sharing their infant bodies with each other. Yes, I know that’s horrid but SO IS THAT COMMERCIAL.

I think the only thing worse than this commercial is the fact that it’s been playing for MONTHS now, which would suggest that it has received positive feedback and wasn’t lynched by the masses, as it should have been weeks ago.

I think sometimes we let commercials float over us without stopping to say, NO, THAT’S JUST WRONG. And I wanted to be sure that you all knew, how wrong I think that commercial is.

THANKFULLY I still have a few more pricing games and a showcase showdown to erase the image of babies sharing sexually transmitted diseases.

Kimberly is putting for a car now.



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