She has a job, which could get you free crap.

Did you know I work for BYUtv? I don’t really talk about it. But I do. Anyway, I do a lot of things there, mostly writing related, as that is what I am. A copywriter. But obviously my REAL goal is to have my own TV show. Just wait. I’ll get one.

Anyway, we are rebranding the station, and part of that includes getting people excited about the station. TO DO THAT! We are having a 12 days of Giveaways contest. And we haven’t advertised it that much, so you actually have a good chance of winning. Like today, we are giving away this:

And since not that many people know about it, I thought I’d do my duty as an employee and tell you to go to the website and enter to win. Seriously, all you have to do is like fill in your name. And they give away a new prize for 12 days. The last day is a flat screen TV.

Here’s the link!


I love you all,



She’s all about 2010, and harnessing the power of the sun.

Well hello!

How the hell were your holidays!?

Mine were filled with love and presents, snow and fun. So basically, they were perfect. Except for the excessive food part. And the snow part. But there was also a beach part. Beach AND snow. Bonus.

I got some exceptionally awesome presents this year. Because even though I’m married, 26, don’t make a Christmas list, and try not to get overly excited about receiving, I still manage to rake it in.

One present in particular that will be enjoyed for years to come is the one that Eric asked for, and I being his ever-loving wife, was lucky enough to receive as well!

Eric’s parents gave us a Sun Oven.


Yes, a Sun Oven! An oven that can cook and bake things using nothing more than the energy of the sun!

It’s perfect for, you know, when the world ends, all the power is shut off, children are fighting each other in the street for scraps of moldy potatoes, you know fire and brimstone coming down from the sky! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes, human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!

And of course, camping.

I’m guessing we’ll use it mostly for camping.

However, in our almost two years of marriage I haven’t seen Eric bake one single thing, so I’m thinking that the Sun Oven, even though it was really Eric’s idea, will somehow fall more under my domain.

Even though I like to tease (Eric might say “criticize”) his conspiracy theory/preparedness tendencies, the Sun Oven is actually pretty cool.

The temperature outside doesn’t matter, it can be freezing cold, just as long as there’s sun, the Sun Oven will produce, moist, healthy, fabulous tasting food without wasting one precious joule of energy. If that’s how you measure energy. However you measure it, you won’t be wasting ANY!

The best part about the Sun Oven is the DVD that comes with it on how to use it. Where a 60-year-old hippie man teaches you to use the Sun Oven and how to love his dirty white beard all in one fell swoop.

Needless to say, as soon the weather is a little bit better, I will be inviting you all over to my home for a tasty meal cooked entirely using nothing more than the energy of the sun! It will be glorious. Not to mention uber-hip.

That’s just one of the many things you have to look forward to from me, Alison, in 2010. Because I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like 2010 is going to be a really awesome year.

I’m not making any goals to get skinnier, or eat less candy, or achieve anything crazy. No, I’m just going to make goals that will make me more awesome. And that I can totally achieve. Like here’s a goal: bake something using the Sun Oven. This is a good goal because I know I can do it, and I know that it will make me more awesome. This is already way better than trying to run another marathon!

Other goals could be like, posting more on my blog. Or, I could even do, post LESS on my blog. This is a totally achievable goal. But will it make me more awesome? That’s the real question.

The verdict is still out on that. But I hope that 2010 is YOUR year too. I hope my policy for goal making rubs off on you, and you don’t stress about anything that won’t make you more awesome. Together we can all make this our year! Our year to be nice! Our year to say positive things! Our year to eat more candy! Our year to quit drinking caffeine then start drinking it again not because we NEED it, but because we LIKE it! Our year to buy less and make more. Our year to be super awesome. And most importantly, our year to harness the power of the sun.

God bless you all in your quest.



She’s not forgetting what Christmas is all about.

This photo is fabulous. It’s everything a nativity should be.

Well, the posts have been few and far between, which usually means one of two things

1. I’m horribly depressed

2. I’m terribly busy

Thankfully, the latter is the reason this season. I’ve been making myself crazy with Holiday projects and activities galore. But it doesn’t mean I don’t adore each and every one of you.

I’m super excited for Christmas (even though Eric ruined all his chances for good gifts by buying himself an incredibly expensive gym pass yesterday). And despite all my talk, I didn’t ever get those lights up before the snow attacked the earth, yes, much like killer tomatoes.

BUT! I did make some amazing decorations for the inside of the home, I’m so domestic I almost sicken myself, and I have made some yummy holiday treats.

Christmastime is so much fun!

Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with ugly sweater parties, wassail, and cookies galore.



She’s got a new motto.

Here’s my new motto now that I’m 26:

I’m an adult and I can do whatever I want.

Here’s some examples of how this comes into play:

I’m at the gas station filling up my car, I want some candy. Should I go in the market and get some? Oh I shouldn’t, candy isn’t good for me, I should save money…NO! FORGET THAT! I’m an adult. I can eat candy when I want to. I’ll get the damn candy!

Or how about staying up late? I want to watch the last three episodes of season one of the OC. But I have work in the morning, it’s late, I’ll be tired…WAIT! SCREW THAT! I’m gonna’ stay up and see if Marissa finds out about Luke and her mom! (And she does! How could he?)

Yeah, I know it’s a really immature motto. But maybe that’s why I like it. I feel like I’m always being responsible. And I’m over it. You know what else I’m over? Being NICE! Maybe I don’t want to be the nice one anymore!

Cause you know what? I just realized I’m like a small annoying puppy. If you pet me, give me a treat, or even just look at me with a smile I’ll love you forever. But if you use a harsh tone, I’ll roll over and die. However, the second you’re nice to me again I’m your puppet! Snap your fingers and I’ll jump in your lap.

And that’s how it goes. That’s how it is when you’re nice. It would be fine if I wasn’t so sensitive. But I am. I’m really really sensitive, like that stupid puppy. That’s why so many sensitive people are bullies. But I’m not a bully. I’m nice.

And I’m sick of it.

I would be SUCH a good mean girl. Seriously, I’m really good at being mean. I mean, REALLY good. For example I almost clobbered a woman who was being rude at the movie theater the other day (I told you I’m sick of being nice.) She said mean things to me, (I was whispering during the PREVIEWS) but wouldn’t look at me. So I turned around, stared at her, waiting for 10 seconds as she avoided looking at me, then said very loudly in her face “EYE CONTACT!” Yeah, see how mean I am!

More reasons I’m a good mean girl, I’m quick with with words and not afraid of confrontation. I’m also slightly crazy, which means I’ll take things further than you will. I’ll stare longer, speak louder, and fight harder. The problem is I won’t be able to fall asleep for weeks after because I’ll be so worried that I hurt your feelings.

But if wasn’t for that I’d be the PERFECT mean girl.

Anyway, this isn’t to toot my own horn saying what a nice sweet person I am. It’s just to say that this year, I’m putting more people on my naughty list. I’m not killing myself to be nice to people who don’t call me back when I’m calling to say something nice or congratulate them. Even though I don’t call everyone back I’ll at least send a text!

So this is a warning. I’ve got a bucket full of coal and I’m not afraid to use it.

Anyway, maybe I’m just in a bad mood. Maybe it IS that time of the month. But whatever it is, it sure isn’t Christmas cheer.


I feel bad now.

I won’t be mean.

I promise.

I love you.

You look pretty.

Do you forgive me?

Merry Christmas.



She gobbled she gabbed


It’s been a while. I hope you all had a very very gobbly thanksgiving! I was in San Diego all last week. It was a Faulkner family fun packed week that ended with a wedding! My brother Evan tied the knot with Megan Kakadelas and it was ab fab. The happy couple is now on their honeymoon.

Thanksgiving was great. However I was kind of sick all last week, then I got better, then I woke up yesterday with a horribly sore throat! Today it’s even worse. I sound like I swallowed a pine cone. But I have a raspy voice anyway so when I try to tell people at work I’m sick they kind of just think I’m being dramatic. But I promise, it’s really sore.

I’m incredibly excited for the Holiday season. Usually I’m a little bit of a bah-humbug about listening to Christmas music in November, but this year I was all about it! This is my first year having a house for Christmas and I want to go all out!

This includes, of course, putting Christmas lights up all around the outside. But Eric, who is usually so helpful and willing to do anything I command, is being a big ol’ boob about it. With silly protests like, “There is no electricity on the outside of the house.” Or “I’ll have to walk out to the shed in the snow to turn them on.” He even went as far as to try to dissuade me with, “Well we will be saving money if we don’t get them.” HA! As if you can put a price on CHRISTMAS CHEER!

Eric doesn’t believe that I survived for 24 years without his MANLY help and seems to think I’m incapable of hanging them myself without also securing severe bodily harm. But I beg to differ!

I will not for a second pretend that I have done things like, change flat tires, move in and out of apartments, or turn on the gas in the house without the help of a man. Those are not where my skills lie. But I have, quite successfully, done all of those things by getting HELP from men around me. And I am really really good at that. Why? Because I’m friendly, I’m chipper, and dammit, I can make one mean VW tire shaped cake as a thank you present!

So! I have a master plan as to how to get my Christmas lights up. And it doesn’t even involve breaking any of my marriage vows. I can’t share it with you, because I told Eric he can’t know because he won’t help. But I will say that I’m pretty sure I will have the best looking house on the block!

However, if you have any tips or pointers, or if you would like to volunteer your muscles, I’m still accepting offers.



Keep it crafty, Keep it sassy.