She’s LOST in the hotness of it all.

Is it just me, or is IT FRIGGIN HOT? I MEAN REALLY REALLY HOT? Like you want to strip naked, rub your body down with Popsicles, and invite Jack Frost to lick them off you, hot.

Unfortunately, as I’m finding, I might be the only one who is THAT hot. When I walk in to work, which by the way is INSANELY stuffy and hot, and void of any windows, I have to stop myself from immediately sighing and gasping. Because my first inclination is to say, “WHOOOOWEEEE! Man is it hot in here! You guys are hot right? Geez it’s hot!”

I try to keep these thoughts to myself because these comments are usually met with blank stares, or muffled laughs as people look at my large belly. Silly pregnant lady, work is for regular humans!

Thankfully our swamp cooler at home is more than efficient, but my car air conditioning is lackluster. When you first turn it on the air blows out so warm it burns the eyes.

Anyway. Because it’s so hot I really have no choice but to stay inside as much as I can, with the swamp cooler blasting, and watch LOST on my Netflix on demand. The characters of LOST have started taking over my dreams, and I find myself getting a bit too worried about Claire and all the danger that could befall her and her baby. “DON’T LEAVE HER ALONE WITH THE FRENCH LADY CHARLIE!!!!!”

But I’m just starting season 2 SO DON’T BLOW IT FOR ME. I’m still trying to forgive Nate Barnes for calling me over Christmas break 4 years ago and giving away the end of the first season after I had spent two straight days watching it, and I only had two episodes left before the finale! It’s ok Nate, I’m working through the anger.

Anyway, season 2 starts off with an awesome song. And really, that’s the WHOLE point of this post. I know, took me long enough. But anyway. I think should all be inspired by this. And I also think I should start looking for moo moo as awesome as Mama Cass’.

So get out there, even if it is so hot you want to die, and make your own kind of music, even if nobody else sings along! SING YOUR OWN SPECIAL SONG!

I love you all, stay cool.




Well I hope you had a refreshing holiday! Mine was FANTASTIC. My family was in town and we had tons of patriotic fun. My mom, who is the nicest person in the world, took pity on her fat daughter, and even bought me some new clothes! I’m feeling far less frumpy. Now I’m just becoming terribly uncomfortable…all the time. And I can only imagine it’s going to get worse? Oh brother!

I hope your weekend was a blast too…but I doubt it was a great as mine. Why am I so sure? Because I doubt your weekend involved this matching mother-sister-pregnant daughter attire. If this isn’t patriotism, I don’t know what is:


Apparently I “look pregnant now…” even though I thought I looked pregnant 2 months ago. It seems as though I was mistaken based on the following comments:

1. A coworker said last week when I walked in, “Oh, you look pregnant NOW.” As a way of greeting me. Not, hello, or, you look cute, but, “OH! you look pregnant now.”

Well thanks. Should I take that to mean I just looked questionably chunky BEFORE? Or that I am startling HUGE now? Ha. I’m well aware the comment was meant with NO offense whatsoever, but pregnancy seems to be a topic like bad break ups and death: people have a hard time saying anything right.

2. Another girl at work who I don’t know at all asked me, “No offense…but are you pregnant?”

And I said, “Well I’d be offended if you thought I wasn’t pregnant!” And we both had a good laugh. But I WANTED to follow that up with…THAT IS THE WORSE WAY TO ASK THAT QUESTION EVER! If I wasn’t pregnant I’d be even MORE offended. Haha. There is NO good way to ask someone you don’t know if they are pregnant. She then tried to follow that up with a, “Well you can never be sure, all my friends who get married just gain ALL this weight, and I think they must be pregnant but they aren’t!” This poor, poor girl. Should we make up a pamphlet of things NOT to say for her?

and my favorite

3. On Sunday, my favorite three-year-old, who sees me fairly often, started STARING at my belly when we stood up to sing a hymn. I mean STARING. When I sat down he whispered over the pews in utter shock, “How did your belly GET SO BIG?”

Haha, I told him there was a baby in there and he nodded his head in approval and said, “Oh, ok.” Then turned around.

Who knew being pregnant could be so much fun!? And I had no idea, I mean NO IDEA, how important the size of a bump on my body could become to me! I feel good with this size and wish it would stop growing now. Not my baby girl of course, just the size of me and the bump. But we all know that’s not how this works…

Oh well! Here’s to a great week! And please do share any fantastic pregnancy comments you’ve received…or accidentally given. We won’t judge you, just love you and shake our heads.


Alison and baby

Why 14-year-old-girls everywhere are begging for genealogy lessons

As you may or may not know, I work for BYUtv. As part of my work I help post on a blog that aims to get people amped about genealogy. Yes, I used “amped” and “genealogy” in the same sentence. I just posted on the blog…and I’d LOVE for you to read it.

So to find the answer to the question “Why 14-year-old-girls everywhere are begging for genealogy lessons…”GO HERE.

Or! To watch an exciting series about everyday people and their genealogical journeys…GO HERE.

And if you’d like to tell me how much you love me, comment on HOW FRIGGIN’ HOT IT IS, remark on the dreaminess of Robert or the absurdness of his hair, share some good news, or just get something off your chest…well you can do that RIGHT HERE.

I love you.

And the baby in my tummy loves you too.



She’s a frump.

Lately, one of my main goals…other than becoming a better person, to stop talking so much, start caring about politics (HA), and refrain from speaking about things and people I actually know little about…is to avoid looking like a frump.

Yes, a frump.


It’s a pretty good word. It’s one of those words I got from my mother. When Andrea (who you should know by now is my one and only sister) and I lived at home, my mom would get all dressed and then ask, “Does this make me look frumpy?” And if she did, we knew exactly how to de-frump-ify her.

Frumpy is such a choice word because it describes EXACTLY what you want it to. Hair can be frumpy, and outfit can be frumpy, a person can be a frump. Use it as a noun! Use it adjective! You can be frumpilicious, frumptastic, and frumpdiddlyumptious.

Dowdy doesn’t cut it, sloppy is too harsh, and mom-ish, well that’s just insulting to all those stylish moms out there. But frump? It’s just right. Frump implies a bit of stooped posture, an unflattering fit, and an overall feeling of defeat. Frumpy isn’t just physical, it’s mental too. Which means frumpy is a state of mind. One that you must overcome…and when gaining uncontrollable amounts of weight and growing out of pants every other week…constantly battle to avoid at all times.

I think my impending frumpiness is a combination of a lot of things. I’ve been married for a while, which means I have less exposure to the outside world and more exposure to a husband who wears camo cargo shorts from Wal-Mart. This is probably skewing my reality in ways I can’t comprehend! I also work at BYU, and though I do work with some stylish people, well, it’s still BYU, perhaps it’s seeping into my pores? I don’t have money to go shopping, I need to buy a crib and stuff like that! And I might have just spent a lot of hours devoted to a tacky TV show shot in the early 2000’s, on which all of the characters dress HORRIBLY. Say it with me now, “WILDFIRE!”

Oh, and there’s the fact I look like I’m carrying a pillow under my shirt…and on my hips, and my butt, and let’s not even get started on my boobs.

Yes for those, and many other reasons, the frump is hot on my trail.

And I really don’t have a huge solution to the problem, other than I’m just gonna’ run (or waddle) like hell.

Anyway. My baby is doing acrobats and being adorable. And I guess that’s what matters most. But sometimes it’s hard not to just want to give up and surrender to the power of the frump.

Together we must all stay strong!

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Enjoying lots of soccer, or bad ABC family series, and all the fabulous weather.

Maybe by next post I’ll have a solution…

But until then, may the frump NOT be with you…as it is with me.



She’s got a few recommendations.

As I am of humble blogging means, you are probably well aware I don’t have advertisers. And that’s OK, because I AM AN ADVERTISER! Didn’t you know? I’d imagine, and I’m sure that my mother would agree, that as soon as I started stringing words together, I tried to start selling things. But not for monetary gain. For some reason, I innately feel a responsibility to share the things I think are great in this world. Like I’m doing some sort of huge disservice if I keep my fantastic discoveries to myself.

And so, recently I’ve been thinking of a few things I feel compelled to endorse. And I’d like you all to know that as much as I would LOVE THEM TO…no one, and I mean no one, is paying me to say what I’m saying. I just feel like your life could possibly be enriched. I know, it’s hard always wanting to give so much, and receive so little, but that’s just the type of gal I am.

So let’s get this show on the road shall we?

Sadaf Greek Souvalki in Provo Utah
2448 North University Parkway
Provo, UT 84604-3859
(801) 377-1850

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Greek food. And for years, there has been a SERIOUS lack of Greek food, let alone GOOD Greek food in Provo. And I could not be MORE excited about this place. They haven’t been open too long, but oh I just love them. You might be turned off, as my little brother was, by their sign advertising roast chicken and ribs…but I assure you, it’s a Greek place. You ALSO might be turned off by the fact they have a woman in a giant yellow chicken suit occasionally walking around promoting the restaurant in the surrounding parking lots…but they are just trying to get the word out on a small budget! One bite and you’ll forget all about the awkward trappings.

So if you live in the area, or come to visit the area, I highly recommend them. If you aren’t sure what to get, ask for the combination plate, and although the rice is SUPER yummy, the potatoes will knock your socks off. I basically always order a gyro salad. Which consists of tons of gyro meat piled on a Greek salad served with warm pita bread and tzatziki. My main motivation for promoting them is to make sure they stay in business for me. So get out there and support your local Greek!

The Dirty Dash
A 10K Mud Run at Solider Hollow
September 25, 2010

As I am a fat, slow, pregnant lady who can’t run for more than a mile without seriously considering dropping her pants and peeing in a neighbor’s yard…(sorry that was SO GRAPHIC, but you need to know how I feel, it’s horrible) I cannot participate in the race this year.

But it is its first year and it looks SO FUN! A friend of mine is the founder, and honestly, this run looks like a blast. Check out the awesome website. The race boasts:

“You’ll need endurance to trudge up mountains of sludge, courage to overcome uncompromising obstacles, a complete lack of shame to wallow in pits of mud and a smile to show through at the end!”

Plus! They have a Piglet Plunge for little ones! Are you kidding? A Piglet Plunge. That’s the cutest freaking thing I’ve ever heard. Again, I promote this for selfish reasons. I want to participate NEXT year, so you people have to make sure it’s a success this year. Be a Dirty Dasher!

The Glass Castle: A memoir
By Jeannette Walls

This is one of the best books I’ve read in a while. Yes! I do more than watch America’s Next Top Model and eat Greek food! I read! Anyway, I love non-fiction, and this book is incredibly compelling and incredibly well written. I could go on and on about what makes this book so amazing, but really, you should just read it. The author basically tells the unbelievable story of her horribly messed up childhood and family, and does so in a non-sentimental, unemotional way. And that, my friends, is pretty hard to do. You’ll whip through this one, so it’s a great Summer read.

The Snoogle.

Nuff’ said. Worth every penny. And contrary to what a lot of you suggested when I announced its purchase, can Snoogle AND still snuggle with Eric at the same time.

Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby
By Anna Maria Horner

This is a beautiful book! And even though I’ve only made one project from it so far, it worked out really well. The pictures are fabulous and the directions are clear. If you’re a beginning seamstress, this is a book you can totally handle, and if you’re a pro, well, you’ll love it too. I love Anna Maria Horner, I love what she does with color, even if all of her prints are totally my style.

101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes
by Wendy Paul

I’ll just start out by saying that I am a total snob about baking from scratch. Why? I ask, would anyone use a mix? HOWEVER, this book has totally changed my perspective. All of the recipes are based around cake mixes, but you add so many different ingredients, and make frosting from scratch, so by the time you are done, no one, and I mean no one, would think it’s from a mix. And I can always usually tell. But because Eric’s aunt wrote the book, I thought I should at least give some of the recipes a try. Well she is a genius! I have made probably 10 different cupcakes from this book and all of them are too good to be true. Some of my favorites are:

Pink Lemonade
Lemon Blueberry with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting
Strawberry Shortcake with Fresh Whipped Cream Frosting
Pumpkin Spice (I can’t remember the exact name but in the Fall this is SO GOOD, it has butterscotch AND chocolate chips)
Rootbeer Float Cupcakes

You can find the book online, at Costco, Wal-Mart, or at Barnes and Noble. It’s so nice to have a book of cupcakes instead of always going online for recipes like I used to do. So know, I’m not just promoting this book because the author is family. I’m not THAT generous. Ha. These are just seriously amazing cupcakes. And I love her motto: “There’s always a reason to bake!” She’s writing a cookie cookbook next and I’m really exciting.

Ok! I could seriously go on and on with more things I’d like to endorse. But these are the ones that have been weighing on my mind! I love you all and want you to have a fabulous summer. I hope this list of awesome things helps!

Love you all.



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