She’s in love with you.


Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday! I love sharing love. Even when I didn’t have two SUPER cute valentines, I always loved to celebrate, even if it was by giving all of my girlfriends really really depressing CDs.

But this year I didn’t do that! This year, in honor of Valentine’s day The Robertson clan (yes I officially changed my last name…but that is another post entirely) got their first family pictures taken!

I felt like SUCH a mom coordinating family pictures. But I’m so glad that I did! I was lucky enough to have the lovely Diana Palmer of YAN Photography take them. I cannot say enough good things about Diana and her photography! We took them in her super cute studio. It was so nice to not have to worry about getting the house clean. All we had to do was get ourselves presentable and show up. She does these mini studio sessions and they are a great deal. Especially because her photography is phenomenal. Anyway, no, this is not a paid advertisement, I just really loved our experience and highly recommend it! If you can get in, that is.

Anyway. I wanted to share some of my favorite shots and wish you and your loved ones a very happy Valentine’s day. And if you don’t have anyone to share it with I want you to remember this…

GIgi's Valentine










I wish I could say I was kidding about that coat…but I’m dead serious. It was my Christmas present I picked out for myself and DON’T WORRY, of course it’s not real. You would not believe how many people ask me if it’s real! I want to answer, “Do you honestly think that leopards are THIS fluffy in the wild?”

Anyway now that you’ve seen more pictures than you ever need to of me, and my family…I hope you have a wonderful day!

KISSES KISSES and lots of tiny edible hearts!


The Robertsons

She didn’t shoot the sheriff.

 Tragedy struck at the Faulkner/Robertson home today. A while ago, like before Ginger was born, I made this giraffe.

Behold, Niles.

His name is Niles. I also, incidentally, posted a pattern for him, and the instructions on how to make him:

But this isn’t the tragedy. The tragedy is that today I found Niles like this…

The Scene of the Crime

Yes, those are his entrails. And this is EXACTLY how I found him. Dead in my slippers.

It’s especially sad because just days ago, Ginger was enjoying Niles like this…

Gigi Lovin on Niles

She loves grabbing on his little flappy arms, legs, and mohawk spears. But how can Ginger enjoy Niles now?

Nile's Entrails

Now that he’s dead.

It’s a good thing that I have this unbelievably adorable baby to cheer me up.

Ahoy! Ginger

I’m pretty sure she could win some kind of award in those pants. But maybe that’s just me.

Either way I will have to see if I can resurrect Niles.

She’s a Crest girl now.

Gas stations are a place for addicts.

I may have mentioned this before, but I will mention it again. Gas stations are the place where people go to get their daily fix. Whether it be of candy, caffeine, or cocaine, ok ok, nicotine (but I was loving the alliteration!) the gas station is where it’s at.

One thing you probably know about me at this point, is that mama loves herself some diet cola. And this means I have my very specific preferences about gas stations. Yes I know this puts me in the company of a colorful crowd, and I’m not above that.

I used to be a Maverik girl through and through. I mean, it’s “Adventure’s First Stop!” And I sincerely believe that. The frozen yogurt is tops, I like the fountain drink selection they have there, and I always love the workers. What can I say, I like a place where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

But even though I’m a gas station aficionado, one thing I never understood was why some gas stations had drive-thru windows for your drinks and snacks. I mean, how lazy do you have to be not to want to filler-up yourself?

HA! That is what I thought BEFORE I had a baby.

Now I realize the important place drive-thru gas stations have in our society. Do you know how amazing it is that I can get a fountain drink without having to jostle Ginger out of the car? It’s the best thing ever!

I remember when she was a few weeks old I was driving aimlessly around town because the car was the only place she’d take a nap. I didn’t want any food, but I did want a drink. And then boom! It hit me! That’s what those drive-thru gas stations were for!

I now frequent the Crest near my home, even though I still love the Maverik, they don’t have a drive-thru. I love how the ladies who work at the Crest never look at you like a lazy fat slob for making them fill your drink and grab your M&Ms. They are so nice! Plus, they Crest 32ouncers have “Bigswig” written on the side of the cup in a sexy Old English looking typeface. It would make a fetching tattoo.

Anyway. I just wanted to publicly declare my love for these drive-thru gas stations. And my love for Diet Dr. Pepper, and the women who work at Crest, and peanut butter M&Ms.

Now the only thing left to do is think about what I will tell Ginger when she is old enough to ask why she can’t have any of mommy’s drink. What do you do? And boy, do I sound like an alcoholic or what?

“Shorry shweetie, no sips from mommy’s special sauce.”

And on that note…I sign off.



She’ll sleep when she’s dead.


Sleep, sleep, sleep.

I’ve never been very good at sleeping. Eric, on the other hand, is a PRO at sleeping. We will get into bed and within 30 seconds he is OUT. I will start talking to him, thinking that no reasonable human being could possibly be asleep that fast, and he is already snoring soundly. I have a hard time not getting angry and resentful when I toss and turn for hours, and he is purring happily like a kitten with a belly full of milk.

And then there are babies. Professional sleep thieves. How is it that they can get a full 12 hour night of sleep, and yet the parents can barely manage to get 4 or 5 hours? The math just doesn’t make sense!

And think of all the crap we do and buy, to try to get our babies to sleep! For months Ginger had to be tightly swaddled, propped up on an angle, and lightly lulled to sleep with a sound machine. She slept in a little bouncer chair that had a vibrator and could rock. Every night Eric turned the little chair into a womb-like cave, and we took turns for roughly four hours rocking and “SHHHHING” her to sleep. And then as you may have guessed, by that time she wanted to eat again. Oh the good old days!

She has since moved to her crib, but still has a sleeping sack and the sound of waves rushing in her ear. Eric and I agree that we love coastal living, and she is super spoiled to have an oceanfront crib.

I usually do pretty well without sleep, I’ve been an insomniac my whole life. But babies take sleep deprivation to a whole new level.

Ginger, thankfully, has graduated to usually only eating once or twice a night with few interruptions in between. However, for the last couple weeks, this hasn’t been the case. She has taken to spitting out her pacifier and barking for it (like a seal) every half hour. Which means I either let her, “cry it out” or hurry and get it back in her pie hole before she actually wakes up.

Eric has been sick too, so it’s harder for him to wake up and take shifts. In fact, he just found out he has mono. Which in my opinion is the best possible thing for a new father to get, who is working and doing school full time…right?

Anyway. I’m sure we will survive. And Ginger is worth all the fragmented sleep. Even though there might have been a night last week when Eric, who was trying to commiserate said, “Babe, I understand,” but at 4am I lost it and screamed, “NO! NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! I HAVEN’T SLEPT MORE THAN FOUR HOURS IN A ROW FOR FOUR MONTHS!” And then started hysterically crying. (Eric then forced me to go to bed and found some frozen milk I had pumped and fed Ginger the rest of the night and slept on the floor next to her crib…with mono. Yeah I know, he wins.)

But all in all. I feel so lucky I don’t have to work out of the house with a new baby, because even if I don’t get any sleep at least I can stay in my workout clothes or pajamas until 2 o’clock.

On the subject of sleep. This is Ginger’s sleeping sack.

Ginger in her sleep sack

Ginger loves that sleep sack

Before this she used a Swaddle Me, which I loved, it looks like a baby straitjacket. But when I felt like she had earned the use of her arms back we graduated to this. I had made this for her before she was born, so I wanted to make sure she got some use out of it. It’s from a pattern from Anna Maria Horner’s “Handmade Beginnings” book. It’s the Patchwork Sleeping Sack. I changed the pattern by not doing to “patchwork” part on the top and using less Velcro, but other than that, it works really well. I lined it with SUPER soft fleece. By the way, I really like that book.

My sister Andrea has been busy cooking up a little lady cousin for Gigi! We’re so excited. I threw a baby shower for Andrea last week, and I made her baby bumpers. Andrea picked out the fabric. I had never made bumpers before (Gigi doesn’t have any) but they are SOOO EASY! I mean like, even if you are a very novice sewer you can do it! Just buy the bumper set (the foam comes pre-cut in a bag with the patterns included). It runs about $30 or so, but if you use your Joanns coupons you can get 50% of that! I mean! It’s a deal people.

It's a hoot! Bedding

Isn’t Andrea the prettiest pregnant lady? I was pretty excited about the bumpers. I hope Andrea was too!

Andrea's Baby Bedding

So like my sleep, this post was quite fragmented. But, I had a lot of loosely related things to share. SO PUT THAT IN YOUR SLEEP PIPE AND SMOKE IT.

I wish you all sweet dreams, and lots and lots of sleep when you can get it.



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