She’s a new woman!


I honestly feel like a new woman! I worked for so long, and so hard getting ready for The Bijou Market, that I didn’t sleep, or EVEN EAT! for weeks! And now I’m pigging out, getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep (asking for more than that is just greedy in my opinion) and feeling like a human again. It’s wonderful. You can even KIND OF walk through my living room…kind of. And to top it all off, Ginger is taking her SECOND nap of the day. Did one of you come and switch babies with me in the middle of the night? Well, no trade backs! This one is a keeper.

The Bijou Market went really well! It was a great learning experience and it gave my new shop, The Little Tiny, some great exposure. People acted like, and told me as well, the mobiles and patterns were awesome! And that’s always nice, to feel awesome. There really was nothing else there like it, which was good and bad. I think when people buy a pattern they need to think about it for a bit because it’s commitment to spend time making something. And when people go to a craft fair they are more expecting to do some impulse buys. So that was an interesting thing I didn’t think about. In the future I hope to be able to have all of my products completed in time to put them out there on the web for people to think about BEFORE they see them at the market.

Eric was a CHAMPION and dismantled Ginger’s crib for me…and then reassembled it at the market. Because, the ONLY way to display my goods was in and over a crib. I could not use a table! I didn’t get any great pictures, everything happened so fast, but here are a few to give you a taste. They are really yellow…




I think my packaging was pretty awesome. Anyway, there were so many great things at the market! And some of my very favorite were some new nursery prints by Kantan Designs! There is this Lion that will steal your heart! Look at him! I’m also really digging their number prints and little dinosaurs.

So freaking cute! Heather is offering 30% off on these and doing a give away on her blog The Coterie and I just love them so much I wanted to give you all a heads up! The give away ends on Friday!

Today is also my sister Andrea’s birthday! So if know her, send her some love. If you don’t, well, she’s a lot like me…only crazy in a different sort of way.

Ok! I love you all. Go fight win!



She’s got a big weekend!

Hello beautiful.

Well, I have been literally barely sleeping (ironically Ginger now sleeps through the night HOORAY!) and working around the clock for the Bijou Market which is THIS Friday and Saturday! Even if you’re not in the baby mobile or plushie pattern market…there are a lot of great vendors and fun things there! Like I’ve heard rumors that Diana and Martin of Yan Photography will be taking instant photos for all market-goers! That’s worth the trip right there. You all know how I love Yan.

I’ll be working the Market from 10-2 on Friday and Saturday, if we haven’t met in the flesh, come and say HELLO! I look a lot like this minus the adorable baby:

So happy together

And I’ll probably be wearing that same shirt too! I’ll be in and out after two…and Ginger might even make a few appearances! I know, alert the paparazzi.

Here’s all the info! If you live in the area I think it’s so great to support local peeps. So show your love!


And I LOOOOVE you all!


The Little Tiny

She’s fallen and she can’t get up.

Since my last post I’ve literally spent every spare, waking, minute trying to finish my patterns for the Bijou Market. The patterns are 10-11 page PDF’s and so, well, they take A WHOLE LOT OF TIME. I’ve also been busy making some instructional videos that will come as part of the pattern. Just another stepping stone on my path to becoming the SUPERSTAR I’ve always thought I already was.

While I’ve been busy working on my product line: The Little Tiny, the little tiny herself, Ginger, has learned some new tricks. Little Gigi, at 6 and half months can finally roll from her back to her tummy. As first time parents we were thrilled and so proud of our little dumpling for her new trick. “Oh Ginger!” we exclaimed, “You’re so smart! You’re such a genius! An Olympian! You ROLL girl!” Ok, I might have said all those things while Eric just said, “Oh good job Gigi!!”

Little did we know all the strife this little dog and pony show would bring us. Even though Ginger has been able to roll from her tummy to her back since she was about six weeks old, she for some reason can’t figure out how to do it now that she can roll onto her stomach on her own. Sometimes she can figure it out while playing on the floor, but only with a lot of dramatic grunts and writhing. If she happens to roll onto her tummy while in her crib, well, all hell breaks loose.

She’ll play for a while, then when she just can’t take it anymore, she puts her face into the mattress and starts wailing helplessly. I swear I can hear her saying, “I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP!” I’m happy to turn her over. But it mostly presents a problem because she can’t stay on her back long enough to get a nap. Which means, she gets irritated that much faster because she’s tired. If only we could get her The Clapper, it always worked wonders for the old lady in the commercial. Then again, she can’t clap yet, so it looks like I’m just screwed until she remembers how to roll the opposite way.

Here we are in St. George (we went with Eric’s fam a few weeks ago), I’m beaming with love for my baby, and Ginger is showing you all just what she really thinks of me.

Gigi Thinks Mom Stinks

And here she is in a 6 month photo showing what she really thinks of all of you.

Ginger at 6 months

And here’s an owl I designed. (Not that giant Knit one, the little flannel ones. The knit one was made by women in Kenya.) I call him the Happy Hooter, and the pattern will be for sale at the market.

Happy Hooters


Ginger’s personal Clapper

She’s The Littly Tiny

As you know, I’m always pretending like I’m really busy, when in reality what I’m usually busy with is a bunch of voluntary craft and art projects that give me an excuse to keep my house perpetually dirty and stay up late watching My So-Called Life reruns while I finish them.

I recently came to the realization that even if I have freelance copy writing work to do, and a house to clean, and a baby to feed (they eat like, all the time, those darn babies) I will always spend whatever time I can making and baking and crafting things. So I decided like every other Mormon mom…I better start to turn that into a livelihood if at all possible.

My first step in that direction is to take part in the Bijou Market in Provo, that is coming up on April 8-9th. And I’m really excited about it!

My line of products is called The Little Tiny. I plan on making mostly baby-related craft and sewing patterns. What I’m creating for the Bijou Market is a line of Baby Mobile patterns, and also a few plushie patterns.

My fabulous friend and also Bijou Market vendor, Heather took some pictures of a few of my mobiles. Here are my Russian Dolls Mobile and the Owl in the Trees Mobile.

Russian Dolls Mobile

Russian Dolls Mobile

Owl in the Trees Mobile

Owl in the Trees Mobile

And here’s a sneak preview of my Ahoy! Mobile, the picture is from my phone. I’m really loving this one…


The patterns will include step-by-step how-to’s on how to make your very own mobile! You don’t even need a sewing machine! They are PDF’s (burned onto a CD) that have very clear picture-based instructions, a material list, pattern pieces, and resources for stitches and all needed skills! So even if you aren’t crafty at all, you can totally make these. The kits I’m selling at the market will also include Baker’s Twine and some other needed goodies. I have been making some for friends and I have a hard time giving them away when they are done. They’re so cute to look at! I think they make a fun decoration even if you don’t use it as a baby mobile.

Also, in time for Easter, I’ve created this Peek-a-Boo Bunny Pattern. It’s super easy, but really cute (I think) and little kids love to play peek-a-book with the bunny’s floppy ears. I’ve been making them out of flannel and they are so soft and cozy!

Peek-a-boo Bunny in mint

Peek-a-boo Bunny gives a profile

I will have some actual mobiles and bunnies and some owls for sale at the market. There will be one of each of my 5 mobiles for sale. But mostly I’ll be selling the patterns, because what I love more than anything is creating the designs. I’m not a professional production machine! I love doing the mobiles because they are entirely done by hand and are so sweet, but it would be hard to sell them for a price that is worth the time. They take quite a bit of time. Though they are totally worth it!

So, sorry to like promote myself. But then again, not really! Ha! I have to promote it to remind myself to FINISH all I need to finish! Which is…A LOT!

Ok! Love your guts! But before I sign off, I’m sure what you REALLY want is a picture of the REAL Little Tiny, in the flesh.

Cute as a Cupcake

Yeah she’s cute as a cupcake.



She needs a maple bar.

It’s only 9am, and I’m feeling like it’s going to be a Diet Coke and donuts for breakfast type of day.

Not that I’m actually going to have a Diet Coke and a maple bar from the Provo Bakery, be still me heart, for breakfast. It’s just the type of morning when you wake up and think, “I may as well call it quits before I even start, pass me a bear claw.”

You know, the type of day I’m talking about. Nothing is really wrong in particular. But your house is a mess, you don’t feel like exercising (which means you probably need exercise more than anything) and instead of doing all the productive things you planned on doing…you’re probably going to watch episode 10 of Ugly Betty, season 1.

And instead of using Ginger’s precious morning nap time, which is mommy-time, to shower, or do the dishes, or clean up the 5+ craft projects that are littering my couches and coffee table, I’m going to contemplate the days when bras were optional (pre-nursing mammoth boobs) and post about caffeine and processed sugars on my blog.

Sometimes I think I deserve gold stars for overcoming all of natural inclinations to become a raging drug addict. But I guess that’s setting the bar pretty low.

Anywhoo, my favorite 40-year-old Latin lover was at ZUMBA yesterday. He traded his skin tight black t-shirt for a tank top. And I say, “Good for you buddy!” He’s worked hard to tone those arms and I think he should show them off.

I don’t want this post to be a total downer, so I’ll leave you with this picture I took on Sunday morning. Try not to have a cute-attack.

Sleeping Beauties

Keep it crafty, Keep it sassy.