Only you can be you, and you are already as awesome as you need to be.
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I'm Alison and I pride myself in being a very reasonable unreasonable person. I believe in creating a life you love, leaning into your strengths, and dancing inappropriately. My goal is to help you feel as awesome as you are.
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Alison Faulkner The Alison Show Awesome with Alison Podcast

Ep. 39: How to give the greatest gift: forgiveness!

RUH-ROH! It’s the end of the year, and it felt like a really good time to dive deeper into the topic of forgiveness, and what it actually means and doesn’t mean. In this episode we’re looking at what you can do to forgive yourself and others even when you don’t have an apology–and might never …

Alison Faulkner Awesome with Alison Podcast

Ep. 38: Negative emotion flip: Stress and overwhelm

It’s that time of the year! Or rather it’s always the time of year for stress and overwhelm! So we’re back with another negative emotion flip! We’re not talking about things you must DO to combat stress and overwhelm but rather better ways to think about them. Or in other words, we’re taking those negative …

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Build an Awesome Brand Workshop!

Hi! I’m Alison. Over the past 10 years building my business I’ve put my name in lights, danced with thousands of hot babes who believe in their own awesomeness, spoken at huge events, worked with fortune 500 companies, created six-digit yielding courses, hosted nationally recognized online dance contests, started the podcast of my dreams, and basically …

Alison’s State of Affairs April

Reflecting on the source of my strength: my bling. HAHA. But actually just ask Laura, the photographer, what mood I was in. Because it is more accurately reflected below. Well hello!!! Another month has come and gone, and so now it’s time for ALISON’S STATE OF AFFAIRS! Yes,  yes, I know I’m sharing a lot with …