Alison’s Cookie Party


Alison’s Cookie Party: An Online Course for Making the Perfect Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing 

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Sugar cookies are a fun mix of culinary and craft, baking and art. You can personalize them to be the perfect present, accent any party, or please just about any person. I’m fairly obsessed with them, and I know you will be too. But they do take a bit of know-how!

Here on The Alison Show, I make A LOT of sugar cookies! For the past 7 years I’ve been perfecting my cookies and royal icing techniques, and now I’m finally ready to share them with you in Alison’s Cookie Party! I have a unique way of doing my cookies, which I share in this course, but I also teach the more traditional sugar cookie decorating method so you can pick and choose and find a style all your own.

This is an online course for learning to make the PERFECT sugar cookie with royal icing. The course includes:

–  60 minutes of high-definition video instruction

– 30+ page e-book with ALL of the instructions in written form

– My never-before-shared cookie recipe with variations

– 2 Royal Icing recipes

– Direct links to supplies

– Sugar cookie inspiration

– In depth discussion of each supply needed

– Party ideas featuring sugar cookies

– Absurd dancing 

In the videos you’ll see how I create a perfect sugar cookie, step-by-step with lots of tips, how I make the royal icing, and the 3 consistencies of royal icing I use to decorate my cookies. I cover the problems and difficulties you might encounter, and how to overcome them!

I also have a bonus video all about storing your cookies and getting them ready to package and ship which stars a professional pastry chef!

Alison’s Cookie Party is insanely informational, but broken up into bite-sized chunks so you don’t get lost, overwhelmed or frustrated. Plus, it’s a whole lot of sugar cookie fun! So please join me at Alison’s Cookie Party and let’s boogie on down. I cannot WAIT to party with you.