Air Jordan 8 (VIII)

Air Jordan 8 (VIII)

Air Jordan 8 (VIII)

The Air Jordan 8 was released in 1992/93. The Bulls got their third consecutive NBA title. Jordan himself got his seventh straight scoring title and reached a milestone in his NBA career when scoring his 20.000th point. Seemed as if nothing ever could stop this high flying athlete…

Hot and heavy
The eighth model of the Air Jordan was one heavy thing. Its base was clearly close to its predecessor but it had a lot more details, color and accents. It had cross-over velcro/leather straps and was so padded your foot got surprised.

Due to the thick padding the shoe was heavy and also easily got very warm. Who knows, maybe the heat could have been the reason why Michael was bothered with athlete’s foot infections during the season.

Where have all the flowers gone?
On the tounge of the White/Black and All-star versions you could almost make out a peace sign and some collectors came to call this the flower-power Air Jordan.

Very surprising was that this shoe was only made in three different color combinations. Previous models had sold very well and so did the Air Jordan VIII‘s so it’s really a big surprise that Nike decided not to make more of these. Even the quantity of shoes being produced were lower than the Air Jordan 7 (VII)s.


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