Awesome with Alison Ep. 28: PUMP UP: Why it doesn’t matter that other people are doing what you want to do!

Awesome with Alison Ep. 28: PUMP UP: Why it doesn’t matter that other people are doing what you want to do!
August 23, 2017 Alison Faulkner

This week we are sharing a PUMP UP with you, and that means this episode is intended to PUMP (clap!) you up! We are breaking down why it doesn’t matter if there are other “more talented” people doing or saying what you want to do, and how/why you should bring your gifts to the table! So listen up if you’ve been hesitating.

I also share some more propaganda for self-love, and how we (as just one human) can combat all the hate and hurt happening in the world right now. It’s a good one! We hope you listen and feel awesome!

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Thought McNugget: “You can’t be productive if you’ve got issues” – Alison’s LA Uber driver

Closing Song: “Come Closer” by Pixel Pony

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  1. Giiiiiiirlfriiiiend. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?!
    I stumbled upon your blog through Abby with Twist Me Pretty. She gave you an awesome shout out through Snapchat one day and she’s so bubbly when her kids are soooo crazy – that I’m like “I need this Awesome Alison in my life” (side note, about 5 years ago I showed up to the company Christmas party with a “Hi, my name is Awesome” sticker. SOUL SISTERS.
    1. I would TOTALLY pay for your calendar. YOU’RE WORTH IT. Remember that session. CHARGE WHAT YOU’RE WORTH. (can i get the Hallelujah emoji up in here?!)
    2. THANK YOU – for providing such an amazing platform for us to share your “thought mcnuggets”. Listening to your podcast is insanely informative and I see myself changing in better ways because of it. I’m freaking awesome, yo! But seriously, you can tell just how much time you put into your shows. You can tell you’ve got an outline of what you’d like to speak to and you’ve researched and prepared. This is a PASSION PROJECT and it SHOWS and we LOVE IT. So thank you for being awesome, and sharing your awesome.

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 6 months ago

      aw! THANK YOU! this is so kind and i appreciate it! so so happy you’re loving the podcast, I DO love it too! THANK YOU!! xo

  2. Claire-Marie 6 months ago

    Dear Alison and Eric

    Over the last few days you guys have literally become my best friends.
    Listening to your podcast back to back has filled my jug to the brim and now I’m spilling gratitude, love and awesomeness everywhere I go thanks to you!

    By the way, NODOBY CARES ABOUT YOUR KIDS but my 7 year old totally rocks out to the Alison song and does the best dance moves that make me burst with pride!

    Keep on being awesome you two, you make the world a better place. Literally.


  3. Thank you for your episode! I think nowadays with all the social media, where you can see others doing great stuff, you have to be more grounded and it is much more difficult to not get trapped in this: why should i do my things, when others do it (in my opinion) better than i can do. We have to be stronger and more self-confident to resist. So thank you very much to rembember me (and others) over and over again, that how i am, we are, is good enough, as long as i try to do my best. Unique, one-of-a-kind, that’s what we are! Thanks again! You both doing a great job! Go Team Alic/Erison 🙂 Ps: Please feel free to laugh if there are parts sounding funny, english is not my first language.

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 5 months ago

      I love this and you sound AWESOME! Seriously! thank you for your kind words!! xo

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