Awesome with Alison Ep. 15: How to make a “Best Self” checklist!

Awesome with Alison Ep. 15: How to make a “Best Self” checklist!
April 24, 2017 Alison Faulkner

We’re sharing things we’ve noticed help us perform at our highest level, and keep us feeling awesome! And then we’re giving you the how-to on creating a “Best Self” checklist of your own!

We also each cover 3 top pick-me-up songs, and those are a real treat!



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Getting Bookie With it: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Alison’s March State of Affairs

Episode 8

Episode 14

Pump Up Songs:

You Get What You Give by New Radicals

Push It by Salt-N-Pepa

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ by Scissor Sisters

Two Vines by Empire of the Sun

All I Know by Washed Out

Move Over Japan by Ghost Beach

Exit Song: 1979 by New Shack

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  1. Sharon Morrissette 10 months ago

    Are you kidding me? New Radicals, and Smashing Pumpkins ‘ 1979, New Shack’d! Freak yes!! (You get me. Lololololol! ) I have just started working my way through your podcasts. Nothing beats L.A. traffic like Alisonisms, and correct music! (Hehe.) Keep up the fine work. I am so impressed with you, girl.

  2. mimi 10 months ago

    Hey Alison thanks for your awesome shows and posts and podcasts. I’m really digging on all the things you’re putting out into the world– thanks for sharing! I’ve been telling myself for over a year that I’m going to start a youtube channel and welp i’ve done it finally and this podcast was the last big push I needed. I started with a best self checklist because, duh, we all need one. Take a look if you want. I linked to you and gave you credit hope those are all the things I should have done because I’m new and just can’t be trusted to be doing everything right.

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