Awesome with Alison Ep. 12: 9 things we we’ve learned from being married for 9 years!

Awesome with Alison Ep. 12: 9 things we we’ve learned from being married for 9 years!
April 4, 2017 Alison Faulkner

It’s our anniversary!!! We’re not pretending that we are marriage experts, but we have been happily married for 9 awesome years! And we do like each other enough to do a podcast together–so we’re sharing a few things we’ve learned.

Rumor has it Eric gets exceptionally insightful in this episode!

We hope our experiences help you have a more awesome relationship with someone you love. Or you can just laugh at us.

Either way, we hope you enjoy!


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The Reason by Hoobastank

Thought McNugget/Getting Bookie with it: Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Africa by Toto

Love Bird Wedding Pictures

Take My Time by Junior Senior

Your Erroneous Zones: Step-by-Step Advice for Escaping the Trap of Negative Thinking and Taking Control of Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis

A Million Pieces by New Shack

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  1. Sam Warby 10 months ago

    Love you guys! Thank you for sharing these 9! I really took them to heart and found some great ways I can improve in my marriage! You guys are the #DREAMTEAM ❤

  2. cassandra 9 months ago

    ERIC, you are the BOMB! lOVE the podcast + the two of you. you make my workweek SO much better and always get me inspired. thanks for being such a fun loving, real couple.

  3. Courtney 8 months ago


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