March 6, 2017 Alison Faulkner

I have used social media and live events to do one thing and one thing really well, and that is build and engaging and AWESOME brand! The type of brand that people can spot from a mile away, the type of brand that allows my business to pivot and evolve, and the type of brand that can sell out an event of 700 people in under 7 minutes.

And I’m excited to share all I know with you!

What is my Build an Awesome Brand Workshop?

Build an Awesome Brand is my full-day, full-on fun workshop to help intentional business owners find or reclaim their unique message so they can build an engaging and authentic brand! And have fun while doing it!

I’m coming at you with a radically different, but effective, psychological and philosophical approach to branding, because I believe that in order to build something REAL you need to start with something REAL. FOR REAL!

This course is the result of my 10 years of experience building a successful personal brand as well as my background in traditional advertising.

So if you’re ready to stop questioning every strategic business decision you make, every picture you post, and why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’re ready to build an awesome brand!


You’ll leave this workshop with:

A clearer definition of your brand and mission statement, and how to use them to make better brand decisions

My personal insight for YOUR brand: what I think you’re doing well and areas you could improve to meet your goals

A 50+ page Work It! workbook filled with all ideas covered in class and other branding exercises

A four-phase implementation plan so you can apply the new concepts we cover in class

A better understanding of how to use in-person events for your brand, and how to assess if they are right for you

New friends and contacts from the other awesome workshop attendees

My undying love and adoration

Why I want to help you build an awesome brand!

My authentic and unique brand that I have spent the last 10 years building has enabled me to provide for my family, do the work I want to do, and has also afforded me the freedom to change my mind, try things that fail, and then get right back up and try something else.

After finding so much fulfillment and joy from building such a strong brand (with no business plan or paid marketing) I want others to find it too! And just imagine how amazing you’ll be if you already have the other pieces of the puzzle! HA!

I’m not interested in helping you build a brand or a business that looks like mine. Heaven’s no! But I am interested in helping you ensure your brand is as effective, fun, and liberating as mine. And MOST importantly, I want to help you use your brand to build the business and life you want. Because if not that, then why are we even bothering with all this?!

So if you want to build an awesome, authentic and even more engaging brand, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

You might have an awesome product, you might have a profitable business, but what I’m offering are the tools for taking your brand to the next level, and making it even more authentic and FREAKING ENGAGING!

I want to share all that I’ve learned from doing both large and small events, and years and years of campaigns through social media to create the most fun group of online friends ever.



Online businesses, brick and mortar businesses, soloprenuers, entrepreneurs, influencers or any human who is serious about creating raving fans.

Any person or company who has an existing brand that they want to clarify, solidify and create more engagement with.

There is no magic number in terms of revenue, social media followers, or years in business that you need to have reached for this information to be applicable and impactful. Both large corporations and personal blogs have taken the course and benefited!

People who are sick of feeling confused and frustrated about what to post on social media, have lost their enthusiasm for their business, or simply want to be more impactful with their message!


You are only interested in increasing numbers! This workshop is about building a brand that is ENGAGING and AUTHENTIC, not quick growth hacks. We do cover the anatomy of a good social media account, and examine what stalls and propels growth.

You don’t want to WORK for your answers. I can’t TELL you what your brand should be, because I’m not you! You will have to dive deep to find your unique value propositions for your brand. And I WILL give you the tools and direction to do that!

I recommend that before you spend money on this (or anything like this!), that you’ve put your toe in the water and have already started the brand and business you want to create. You’ll simply find more value.


  • A Work It! workbook that we will work from, discuss, and have filled with information for you to have and hold forever!
  • One-on-one insight and guidance from me, Alison! All attendees (there are 12 for  each of these workshop) will fill out a questionnaire beforehand, and I will make sure to research your brand and social media outlets, so I can address your questions, and make sure we cover any pressing needs!
  • Loads of details, numbers and ideas from my personal experience. I’ll speak on what makes an authentic engaging brand, share all I’ve done to create and evolve my brand, and give great details about the social media and live events techniques I’ve used to build engagement for my own brand, and others that I have consulted and worked with.
  • We’ll troubleshoot common branding problems and give ideas for overcoming them
  • Insight and tips from branding experts in lots of different fields! I’m privileged enough to know many business owners and social media influencers who are insanely talented so I will also be sharing insight from them by sharing input and advice! Their tips will be yours forever as part of your Work It! workbook!
  • Lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, and GOOD TIMES. As well as some special hoodoo voodoo that will help you retain the information we ingest!


To reserve your spot or for questions please email with the subject BUILD AN AWESOME BRAND! And indicate which workshop, A or B you would like. 

WORKSHOP A:  For businesses who have physical product, corporate companies, bricks and mortar stores, and food services.

HELD ON: Friday June 16 10am to 7pm, Provo Ut

BONUS CONTENT COVERED: How to work with influencers to you build your brand, social media strategies for engagement, how to add personality to your brand even if you don’t want to be the face of it and how to create effective collaborations.

WORKSHOP B: For influencers, bloggers, freelance services, and services for hire such as graphic design, photography or beauty services. Also direct sales consultants looking to build a personal brand apart from product.

HELD ON: Friday June 23 10am to 7pm, Provo Ut

BONUS CONTENT COVERED: How to separate yourself from your brand for sanity, scalibilty and growth. How to use collaborations and sponsored content to monetize while still staying on brand, and also other monetization strategies such as courses.

Registration info:

Please email  with the subject BUILD AN AWESOME BRAND and we will confirm which workshop you need, and then send you an invoice through paypal or venmo.  Please indicate if you’d like a venmo or paypal invoice, AND IF YOU NEED WORKSHOP A OR WORKSHOP B and leave the name or email address we should use! You have 1 hour (after we send the invoice) to pay before your spot is released. Should the course sell out we will put you in the queue and if another person does not pay in the allotted time and you will be able to get the course at the price you first inquired at.

Please know it might take a few hours for us to respond once we receive your email! We are a small team and appreciate your patience so much!

There are no refunds once you’ve paid for the course, but I am offering a money back guarantee for attendees. If by 1pm on the day of the course you do not feel it has been worth the cost for you, you can leave and we will refund you 100%.


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  1. Rachel 2 weeks ago

    I want to take this course so badly! Any chance you will ever offer it as an e-course? I know that would suck, especially since it would mean missing out on meeting you in person. I just don’t have the extra income to travel or miss work currently, but would love love love to hear what you have to say and gain any insight you are sharing.

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