Awesome with Alison Ep. 4: What if things don’t turn out how you want?

Awesome with Alison Ep. 4: What if things don’t turn out how you want?
January 22, 2017 Alison Faulkner



It’s hard to feel awesome when things don’t go the way you want them to. So in this episode we talk about things that went horribly wrong, or if not HORRIBLY wrong, at least not as we would have liked. We cover being excluded, people being mean, and not getting opportunities we thought we needed. Then we share why we’re happy they happened and what we’ve learned. Hopefully it will help you see a not-so-fun thing happening in your life in a new way so you can start feeling a little bit more awesome!

And of course I want to hear from you guys! If you have learned anything from listening, found something helpful, or have an feeling awesome tip you want to share please shoot me an email at so I can share it with ALL!!





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