Rocking the perfect holiday table display!

Rocking the perfect holiday table display!

I can’t help it, I LOVE HOLIDAY TABLE DISPLAYS! And while we are waiting for the rest of our furniture to get in place in our new house EEK! my dining room is one place I am able TO LIVE IT UP!

AND LIVE IT UP I DO! I was lucky enough to work with At Home again, who collaborated with me and supported this video! And if you’ll recall we had SO MUCH fun prepping our porch for summer with them, and this time I got to scour the store to create one of my favorite things, a tablescape, as well as find this adorable bar cart and MY SPIRIT TREE, and use them to tie the whole room together!

I hope you watch the video, get inspired! AND HAVE SOME FUN! And here are the links to all my awesome finds, but each store has something a lil different, so be sure to check yours!


Tree Cutout
7.5in White Cutout Tree
6in White Cutout Tree
Blonde / Black Triangle Tree


Bar Cart * Only $199.99
Pink Tree
Black and White Geo Ornament
Wood Ornament
Large White Wire Moose
Cappuccino Cups

Happy table lounging and DECKING THOSE HALL!!!




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