Of all the cookies I’ve loved and lost (sugar cookie round-up)

Of all the cookies I’ve loved and lost (sugar cookie round-up)
January 29, 2015 Alison Faulkner





emoji-cookies-thealisonshow-4 Emoji photos by Heather Mildenstein // Styled with Sarah Jane // Cookies by Alison Faulkner for The Alison Show

You guys, do you want to know the funniest thing ever? I seriously hardly ever post blog pictures of my sugar cookies! HAHAHA so if you follow me on Instagram you see them all the time, but on the blog? Only here and there. Like these emoji sugar cookies I made months ago? They exist nowhere online (until today)! So because I really really believe in my online sugar cookie course: Alison’s Cookie Party, and its ability to make anyone a sugar cookie master, I wanted to put some of my favorite cookies I’ve done in one place on the blog!

So this is me doing a brain dump, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s mostly for Pinterest. So feel free to pinny pin pin. BUT WAIT!

I HATE HATE HATE playing the numbers game in blogging. I just refuse to play. But refusing to play can kind of be a really stupid idea. Hahaha. It means more work, less money. Wah, wah. But still, I refuse to create content in the hopes it gets pinned, I refuse to use insane key words and hooks just for grabbing viewers. BUT I’m trying to be better about being smarter with the content I do have, making it as easy to access as possible, so people can enjoy it.

I’ve realized in all my years doing this that what I enjoy is creating content. I LOVE IT. I want to do it all day. Whether it’s a party, or an essay, or a craft, or a video, a cookie, an hour keynote presentation or an online class. I love to create. I’m good at creating content, making things cohesive, and even coming up with a way to sell it. I love it. But you know what I hate? I hate promoting it. Once I’ve made it I’m like SO OVER IT. Haha. BUT like I said, I’m trying to be better.

So, here are my cookies!

If you want to make some you can take my online class Alison’s Cookie Party.

It’s a really really good class. If you take it you will be successful! I don’t claim to be the best sugar cookie artist in the world. I’ve been doing this for 7 years and there are people who have done it for 50! There are tons of amazing cookie artists who blow my mind, and I think, who am I to teach this? But then I look at my course, and the student’s success and think, “I do a damn good job of teaching people how to make sugar cookies with royal icing!” Haha. How’s that for confidence?!


And now, now the cookies! I didn’t put up any holiday ones, because I just have to stay true to the calendar. WHY? Why. But here’s a sampling of some non-holiday specific!

I made these for my friend Kayti’s birthday.



A whole bunch of cacti and Kayti. It just seemed to work!

And I made these citrus ones to go with Studio DIY’s Bridal Shower because I’m obsessed with Kelly, I think she’s so creative and original and I respect the hell out of her. Pictures of her shower right here!



I made them to go with the invites and stationary designed by 9th Letter Press.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.50.19 AMPhoto by: You Look Lovely Photography 

And of course! My donut cookies! Which I made for my good friend and graphic designer of many projects Bri’s birthday. Bri is so so so cute with how much she loves my cookies. She will eat so many in a row and it makes me feel so good! Haha.

Funny story, Bri designed Alison’s Cookie Party, the cover and the ebook! Haha I let her choose the cover image and she chose the donuts! We had planned on using different images that were destroyed, so it was SUCH a happy coincidence that I had made these cookies and snapped a few pictures of them! At the time it seemed like the end of the world that we lost the original photos, but I think things tend to work out how they are supposed to.




And these are all from Ginger’s 4th Birthday party: Ginger’s Unicorn Parade! But I didn’t get a chance to post the close up pictures of the cookies ever!



I designed this unicorn shape, and Homeprint 3d on Etsy made the cutter for me! You can buy it here!



And these are some fun ones from the Mom’s Rule Mother’s Day Brunch!



Now you know I HAVE Posted about these, and you can see the rest of what they spell here!



awesome-cookies-4Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat 

But I also really really loved these banana cookies I did for Mr. Rad’s 1st Birthday Party, the Banana Bash!



I used those tiny ones to top the mini cakes! And there’s a tutorial for the mini cakes here!

mini-layer-cake-1Photos by Heather Mildenstein 

Let’s see. There are lots I’m leaving out. But this one is so old you might not have seen it, Handmade Charlotte was one of the first people to really really encourage my sugar cookie making and tell me it was cool! Haha not just an old lady hobby! I made this tutorial for her years ago and still love it! 

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.33.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.34.21 PM

And I think that’s good for now! Haha I still have SO SO SO many more pictures to share! But like I said, I’m going to try to be better at sharing them in their own post. Then again, I’ve also learned I shouldn’t make any promises about my posting! Haha.

So again, if these inspired you there are lots of amazing online resources and tutorials, OR my online course has it all in one place, and I share my own unique style!

I love love love making cookies for people I love and I use making them as a way to unwind and just create. I don’t make them to sell or do custom orders because that would take the fun out of it. Haha, and I’ve already turned too many of my passions into a career! But I do love to teach, and I do want others to be able to make them, and that’s why I made the online class!

Check out Alison’s Cookie Party: An Online Course for Making Sugar Cookies with Perfect Royal Icing !

Which are your favorite! Any I forgot to post?! Haha!

And have a fabulous day!!




  1. EHayes 3 years ago

    emoji hand claps… course is worth it. I took a break this month after so many batches after buying the course during the pre-order, but I’m back it next week for valentines. Already thinking of some cute ideas! And I can’t believe these weren’t already posted, because I’ve seen them all…. stalker status.

  2. What! These cookies are TOO perfect! It definitely inspires me to get baking. I think my favorites are the donut cookies. So clever! 🙂

    Circus & Bloom

  3. Brittany 2 years ago

    How can I place a order for a dozen of emoji and one dozen of donut cookies? Need them for my Daugther 12th birthday July 1st

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 2 years ago

      HI I don’t sell cookies! Just an online course that teaches people how to make cookies! Best of luck!

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