Mr. Pumpkin Face Halloween Sugar Cookies

Mr. Pumpkin Face Halloween Sugar Cookies
October 23, 2014 Alison Faulkner


It’s like, am I even Alison? I usually go HOG-WILD on the Halloween posts! But with the launch of Alison’s Cookie Party, me renovating a giant warehouse to become Club Alison, and hosting a 60-person sponsored dinner, I just haven’t gotten to buckle down and get MY Halloween on!

So I was super stoked and said yes when Airheads Candy was like, “Do you want to do a Halloween treat?” Because I HAD to follow through and be festive.

Ginger always wants to get in on the sugar cookie action with me, and I try to let her decorate some of her own but so often I make my cookies reeeeeeally late at night. Ha! So I thought it would be super fun to do like a Mr. Potato Head type of cookie for Halloween. That way I could make my pumpkin sugar cookies, and Gigi could feel like she got to help decorate the cookie all on her own.

So I give you my Mr. Pumpkin Face Halloween Sugar Cookies

Airheads really are so yummy. I kid you not, I was trying to get some work done and Ginger found the stash of Airheads I had bought for the cookies. I had opened like 6 of them to check the colors, and while I thought I was super-mom being productive, she had downed 6 Airheads and had happy blue lips to prove it.

I think these cookies would be BEYOND adorable for a Halloween get together, but honestly they’d be something fun to do just for the heck of it.




1. Make some giant pumpkin sugar cookies! I used my cookie recipe and royal icing recipe from Alison’s Cookie Party, but you could also easily do some store bought sugar cookies and some easier black buttercream frosting.

Assorted sizes of Pumpkin Cookie Cutters (I used a 5″ and a 2″)
– My FAVORITE buttercream frosting recipe
Black Food Gel

2. Open up lots of Airheads!

thealisonshow-halloween-pumpkin-sugar-cookie-5 thealisonshow-halloween-pumpkin-sugar-cookie-6

3. Cut out face shapes from your Airheads!


To cut out the shapes I used a paring knife and some fondant cutters (really tiny cookie cutters intended for cutting out cake fondant). I also rolled out the Airheads a bit on some parchment paper to thin them out before cutting the shapes. This is not easy enough for a child to do, so if you were going to have a party I suggest cutting out a bunch of shapes beforehand and laying them out. I think the kids would have a blast sorting through the shapes.

I also used my rolling pin to push the tiny fondant cutters through the Airheads.

Set of Alphabet Fondant Cutters
Set of Shape Fondant Cutters (but they have these at craft stores in the cake decorating supplies section too!)

4. Get crazy and make some fun faces!


Then you can drink the soda intended for small children and be wildly disappointed because it doesn’t have any caffeine.

thealisonshow-halloween-sugar-cookies-14 thealisonshow-blood-soda

Aw man! But there you have it! Super fun, super easy Mr. Pumpkin Face Halloween Sugar Cookies with Airheads Candy! Airheads are crazy versatile and so many crafty gals I love have come up with FANTASTIC projects to do with them so be sure to check out Airhead’s on Pintrest!

Thanks so much to Airheads Candy for the inspiration and making this post possible!

Hope you’re feeling festive!


Photography by Heather Mildenstein
Styling by Sarah Larsen


  1. Allison cooley 3 years ago

    So cool. This would be fun to do at a birthday too! Keep being you!

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