Sister Minute!!! #4 & #5

Sister Minute!!! #4 & #5
July 31, 2014 Alison Faulkner

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 9.15.30 PM
Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 9.16.23 PM
Sisters being sisters in a field circa 2011.

I have so much fun editing these Sister Minutes! I’m only just ever really confused at my outfit choices for them. I’ve been in a weird transitional phase, which is basically the “old clothes don’t fit, the season has changed, clothes that fit I hate, I only want new clothes” phase. You know that one? Anyway here are two more! Or if you want to see the other ones here you go.

In this one we tell you ALL about how we’re sisters! And we ALMOST get in a sister fight, but not a real one. Hahaha.

And in this one we share some CRUCIAL lessons we’ve learned from the movie Clueless. And I’ve always said that I can easily work at least one Clueless quote into conversation, every, single day.

What about you guys?! Do you have any valuable life lessons Cher taught you?!

Ok! I hope you’re having a happy week. I’ve been feeling fairly depleted, like I don’t have much to share or say lately. But that usually happens right before I bombard you with lots of thoughts and feelings. Hahaha.

Love you all!



  1. Brooke Boddicker 4 years ago

    HI-LARIOUS. Love Clueless, way to bring it back.

  2. Alexis 4 years ago

    Haha makes me miss my sisters and of course “rollin’ with the homies!”

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