Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Rad Dads

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Rad Dads
June 9, 2014 Alison Faulkner

I have a rad dad. I’ll share another Sister Minute featuring Dance Moves with Craig soon…BUT I wanted to show you guys what I got my dad this for Father’s Day this year, because even though it’s SOON (Sunday) you might need a last-minute gift idea.


My dad and I are both fans of the diet cola, and when we want a drink we say to each other, “Time for a TCO?!” Which means, let’s escape the family and hit 7-11 for a Tall Cool One.

That’s why I got him this galvanized drink tub! Haha it’s perfect for backyard lounging.

I also picked up some extra copies of my new favorite book, Bright Bazaar, and I gave my dad a copy of that too because my parents have been redoing some things in their home. I’m seriously obsessed with this book! I keep buying it for people! Haha and wrote like an ode to it on my babble blog.

Since Father’s Day is so soon I thought I’d try to share things you can get in your hot hands before the weekend if necessary! So the Bright Bazaar book is a good one especially if you have Prime shipping.

Another thing I think every man can have another pair of are Sperry’s.

And I was at a concert and saw this guy wearing these Pink Polo shoes and he looked SO HOT. Haha he was like 50 or so and Eric said it’s ok to say that. Silver FOX. A rad dad could totally sport those.

What do you guys like to give your dads? Or your husbands? I don’t know why they are hard to buy for but they are! Eric’s birthday AND my dad’s birthday are around Father’s Day every year so I get tapped out of manly gift ideas FAST. Plus guys are so hard to make things for. It’s so much easier to make an accessory or something for a woman.

This year I basically just bought a new backyard for Eric. Hahaha. Rose bushes, trellises, a hose hanging thing, so that might be a good idea for your man too! If he’s got a green thumb, or wishes he did.

Ok here’s to the rad dads! I’d totally love to hear your ideas too!



  1. Sarah Eslinger 4 years ago

    I just order this book for my husband for the ‘ol Father’s day, because Jim Gaffigan is hilarious; see Mr. Universe on Netflix instant queue for reference. Need that Bright Bazaar and think those shoes are hot too. I can picture ‘the most interesting man in the world’ wearing them. Silver fox indeed.

  2. Emily C. 4 years ago

    Inspired by you, I made a video of me and the offspring getting our dance on for Mother’s Day. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for dad that’s equally AWESOME as me shaking what my momma gave me. HAHAHA! Thanks for the tips!

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