30 Days of Awesome with Alison

30 Days of Awesome with Alison
June 1, 2014 Alison Faulkner

Check out my experiment on 30 Days of Awesome here.

I am currently feeling VERY unawesome.

And from here on out I’m pretty much declaring unawesome a word.

Back to my mental state. Bleh. It’s mostly due to extreme amounts of stress, anxiety and a lack of sleep due to all that crap. It is very much an internal unawesomeness, because externally, I SHOULDN’T be feeling this distressed.

Well, and that’s also the problem: I always feel super guilty for feeling as crazy as I do. Because, dammit Alison, everything is fine and you are just being indulgent with these panic attacks, hyperventilating, and what I think we can call keening?

But June is going to be A VERY BUSY month. And I need to pull it together.

I have agreed to plan and co-host six, yes six, events with BING all around the country!

Let’s be honest. It’s my DREAM JOB. I am honored, thrilled and overjoyed to be doing it. (You can see the dinners I’ve done for them here and here). Plus, they let me come up with the theme for these events and it is, are you ready?

“Search for Your Awesome” with Bing! I know, I’m a genius.

I’m also speaking about my “How to Be Awesome” series at the events. HA! Which is hysterical considering I was literally rocking back and forth like a mental patient not an hour ago.

So because I don’t have enough to do…or precisely because I’ve never been so busy in my life: I decided to add one more thing to my gilded platter.

I have come up a personal definition of awesome, a recipe for an Awesome Alison if you will. And I will be reporting on following it EVERY DAY in June. I am calling it:

30 Days of Awesome

I created a quiz that has me rate myself on a 1 to 5 for daily for tasks I have decided will make me feel awesome. I plan on reading the list once in the morning and once at night as I score myself.

Because it’s one thing to come up with good principles, like “Don’t poison your well!” Or “Avoid the Comparison Trap!

But it’s another thing entirely to figure out how to do them on a day-to-day basis to help improve ones general state of awesomeness.

Basically it’s like an experiment, or a diet of awesome. And like a diet, I wanted to be held accountable. Because let’s face it, my husband can only put up with so many panic attacks before he has no choice but to take me to a hospital and leave me there.

So join me! And let’s all hope for the best as I embark on 30 Days of Awesome. It will be business as usual on the homepage, so in order to see the series you need to go to:


or just click the link on the sidebar there.

Or click HERE!

Love you all, wish me luck. See you over there.



  1. alicia 4 years ago

    That’s… well, AWESOME! Congrats and here’s to a grrrrrrrrrreat June.

  2. Chelsea hillyard 4 years ago

    My, oh my! I can get caught up in the comparison trap. If it was an Olympic sport I would win gold. Here’s to trying, nay being awesome!

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 4 years ago

      It’s so hard!!! thanks for your support! haha xo

  3. Theresa 4 years ago

    Oooh, I’m excited to read this!

  4. Katie H. 4 years ago

    You already ARE awesome! Maybe you should call it “30 days of realizing I’m awesome the way everyone else does”.

    Really, you are the coolest person I don’t actually know.

    Love to you!!!!

  5. Catey W 4 years ago

    Alison, you are so awesome! I love how you do your best. It is so hard to do your best sometimes. I have such a hard time with even the most necessary tasks pretty much every day. Reading your words and seeing your pictures really helps me not be so unnecessarily critical of myself. Being that frustrated only hurts me and isn’t encouraging, but you are definitely motivational to me. Thanks. You can do it!

    • Author
      Alison Faulkner 4 years ago

      Oh! THank you so much! that is so sweet of you to say! I’m so so glad!

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