Kid’s Party Craft: Bib Necklace

Kid’s Party Craft: Bib Necklace
May 6, 2014 Alison Faulkner

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When it comes time to do a kid’s party or event I’m always racking my brain for some good activities that are first and foremost actually fun for kids to do, but are also not too complicated, messy or expensive!

Scotch® Duct Tape is such a great alternative to paint! And that’s one reason I used it for Gigi’s Puppet Theater, and also why I thought of using it for these Easy Bib Necklaces for kids. Aren’t they super Jem and the Rockers?

I went for a modern triangle shape, but they’d be cute and super customizable for any party theme! I’d recommend this craft for ages 3-12. For the 3 year olds you’re obviously going to need to do a lot more supervision, but I’ve worked with girls age 8-12 a lot as well and I can see them eating this up!

Hop through for step-by-step instructions!


– Scotch® Duct Tape, I loved this Metallic Cheetah, obviously
– Cereal boxes
– Scissors
– Some cute ribbon or cord
– Scotch® Hook and Loop Fasteners or Velcro®
– Gems, rhinestones, stickers or any bauble that you like! For smaller children I’d recommend buying the ones that have adhesive dots on the back, they attach just like a sticker, Gigi LOVES them
– Glue dots or some other form of double-sided adhesive to attach the baubles
– Hot glue gun

Step 1.Cut out your necklace base from a cereal box.

Step 2. Cover the non-printed side (the print shows through with some tape colors) with your Scotch® Duct Tape. Then trim off the excess tape, or just wrap it around the back.

IMG_3184 IMG_3186
Step 3. Let the kid’s add jewels and gems and pom poms and stickers to their heart’s content!

Step 4. In order to create a breakaway on the back of the necklace, you can use Scotch® Hook and Loop Fasteners, but If you don’t have those, can use Velcro® as the alternative.

Step 5. Buy 6-8 feet (depending how tall your models are) of butcher paper (party stores usually carry it for .30 a foot) and tape it to a wall, let it fall down on the floor a couple feet too, and you’ve got yourself a high-fashiony seamless backdrop for your guests to model on! That’s what Gigi is standing on.



I met with a group of 8-12 year old girls twice a month and we made crafts, and I’d always ALWAYS have them model for me at the end and shout orders at them like, “WORK IT! Smile with your eyes! Flick your hair! You’re AMAZING!” and tell them how gorgeous they were and it was ALWAYS their favorite thing ever. So doing something like that at a party would be fun too!

Ok! Pin this baby for your next event or rainy day! And happy crafting.


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