My Party Tree and Honeycomb Ornaments

My Party Tree and Honeycomb Ornaments

honeycomb ornaments 

Well remember how my blog is called, The Alison SHOW? Yes, it’s totally because this blog/IG account/social media everything is my stage and I’m tap dancing my damn heart out, but it’s also because I actually have intended to transfer things mostly to video for quite some time, I’ve just been unable to do video for a while…pregnancy, time, excessive amounts of baby weight…which still exists…meh, I’m over it.

I have a pretty neglected YouTube Channel, and I’m happy to say this past weekend I was able to partner up with Third Floor Design Studio (the HOT NEW videographers on the scene, check out their other work here) to do a series of 5 Holiday Videos!

They are super fun and the first one is all about how I decked the halls and my tree this year: using mostly supplies from the party store! I really wanted some super bright colors in my tree this year, and I found this was the cheapest and easiest way!

I hope you enjoy it! And here some pictures of my Party Tree!


1. The advent calendar is one I made, more details can be found here.

2. This is where I get my honeycomb balls, I’ve used them here and here and here!

3. This is where I get the honeycomb pad/paper.

4. This is where you can get “Tissue Festooning

5. And mini disco balls

6. Furry vest from Forever 21 and Shiny Disco Pants C/O Boohoo Clothing

honeycomb ornaments

Prepping to shove those suckers in my tree! And here’s the whole shebang!

honeycomb ornaments

honeycomb ornaments

Please note the disco ball garlands. I just can’t help myself!

honeycomb ornaments

Those little bows were made using my flouncy fun bun bow tutorial, but I also have a video coming on how to do that GIANT wall bow.

The garland on my tree are a mix of store-bought, mostly from Wal-mart, yup, and handmade.

The long white one is my finger knit garland (I have a video tutorial for it)

and the triangle garland tutorial can be found here!

I hope you’re onboard with the video thing! haha

Happy holidays!




  1. Danielle Oakey 3 years ago

    I love the honeycomb decorations! You are so good.

  2. Kelly Smtih 3 years ago


  3. Bethany 3 years ago

    I love the party tree! Totally using this an my inspiration for our next tree!

  4. Mandy 3 years ago

    Your trees are always my favorite. It is probably because you have so many skills. I didn’t know that honeycomb paper existed! It is awesome!

  5. your fave Linz 3 years ago

    Ummm, this is the best. Now I know how to do all sorts of things I didn’t know how to before. Like, wear navy stretch pants.


  6. Karen 3 years ago

    This is hands down the coolest tree I’ve seen! It’s got a Kate Spade vibe!

  7. alexis 3 years ago

    I LOVE this tree. A party tree?! So good. I love your vid and the puppet theatre was genius! Your scenes with duct tape?! So inspirational!!!

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